Pick and Place Mobile Robot

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In this project, we will show you how to make a pick and place mobile robot controlled with Smartphone App via bluetooth communication.

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When your mom asks you to bring something for her, such as a pen or her mobile, you must have dreamt of making a robot or a gadget to do it. Use the components provided, and of course our dear old mBlock, et voila! You have a Pick and Place Robot which will do your work for you.

The Pick and Place Robot picks up an object from a particular location. It then places it wherever we want as it will follow the directions given by us. Given below is the final assembly of it.PickAndPlaceRobot

Components Required

ImageComponentQuantityAvailable in Kit
Acrylic Part: Base Plate1
Dual Shaft BO Motor2
BO Motor Mount2
BO Wheel2
M3 bolts of 8 mm Length7
M3 Nuts8
Caster Wheel1
Acrylic Part: Gripper Plate1
  • None
Micro Servo Motor with Accessories1

Building Guide

Step 1: Assembly

The annotated base is shown on right. This is the bottom side. There is evive logo on the top side for your reference. So be careful while using the base.chassis_base

  • Fix the motor mounting brackets to the chassis using M3 bolts of 8mm length and M3 nuts.motor mounting brackets
evive Alert
The motor wires should be inside, otherwise, they will collide with the wheel. Also, while assembling the robot, be careful about the holes you are using. Also, fasten all the nuts and bolts tightly for smooth functionality.
  • Attach the two motors, one to each bracket, side by side and fasten using M3 bolts of 25mm length and M3 nuts.attaching_motor
  • Now, fit the wheels into the protruding motor shafts.attaching_wheels
  • We’ll attach the Castor wheel now. First, we will mount the M3 standoffs (20 mm) on which the Castor will be attached. Fasten the standoffs to the chassis using M3 bolts of 8mm length.
  • Place the Castor on top of the standoffs in the configuration shown and fasten using M3 bolts of 12 mm length.attaching_castor
evive Notes Icon
Keep in mind, that what we have assembled so far (motors and castor) will be pointing downwards.
  • Flip the assembly and place evive on the top of the chassis.placing_evive
  • Using the holes on the back of evive fasten it to the chassis using M3 bolts of 12mm length.Fastening evive
  • Flip the assembly.Joystick Controlled robot
  • First, we will assemble the gripper. For that, insert the servo motor into the rectangular slot of the Gripper Base Plate.assemble_gripper1
  • Fasten the servo motor to the Gripper Base Plate using M2 bolts of length 12mm.assemble_gripper
  • Using evive controls menu, set the servo angle to 45° (approx) and then disconnect the servo.
evive Alert
Make sure that you set the servo angle to 45o (approx). If you don’t, your robot, will not work properly.

Circuit Diagram

DescriptionCircuit Diagram

Do the following connections: 

  1. Left motor to M1 Channel
  2. Right motor to M2 Channel
  3. Base servo signal pin to digital pin 2
  4. Gripper servo signal pin to digital pin 3
  5. Bluetooth to the Bluetooth hub of evive


DescriptionDownload Code
Pick and Place Robot Scratch ProgramDownload
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