This block can be found under the Robots palette in the extension evive Inbuilt tools. evive has a 5-way navigation key, 4 of them are for up, down, right and left direction. In addition to that, the key can be pressed in the middle (navigation key z). This block returns “True” if the switch is pressed, else it returns “False”.

Joystick or 5-way Navigation Key

This block can be used in Arduino Mode as well as in Scratch Mode.

Navigation key z is pressed
Block Type:

  • In this script the sprite moves up, down, left and right according using the navigation key and rotate it 360 degrees if the navigation switch is pressed in z direction.

Scratch Mode: Navigation key use

  • We check if the navigation key z has been pressed and alter the state of evive’s Pin 13 LED according to that.

Arduino Mode: Navigation key

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