Shital Saurabh School, Ahmedabad

The Shital Saurabh School of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has given the opportunity to STEMpedia to set up an ATL Lab and conduct a teacher-training. The teacher-training workshop gave educators the hands-on learning experience on STEM kits from STEMpedia and have stepped into the STEM world.

ATL Lab Setup by STEMpedia

Teacher-Training by STEMpedia

Teachers of Shital Saurabh School of Ahmedabad, Gujarat along with its students in their 5-day workshop understood the basics of electronics and robot building with evive Starter Kit and learnt the basics of programming with PictoBlox. The entire ATL Curriculum got easier after they got their hands-on experience with STEM kits from STEMpedia and PictoBlox.

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