Aerospace Kit (Set of 8 Gliders)

$93.22 $81.42


Aerospace Kit (Set of 8 Gliders)

$93.22 $81.42

Aerospace kits consist of 8 Gliders, which students can make by themselves and learn the basic concepts of science and engineering principles. 

  • Wing Span: 35.1 cm
  • Length: 27.5 cm
  • DIY: Assembly is required for the gliders
  • Number of gliders: 8

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Glider Top View

With STEMpedia’s Aerospace kits, students will be involved in the activity consisting of design, development and flying of small air vehicles. It is a very exciting and interesting way to learn, apply and understand science and engineering principles. 

With full instructions available, students can understand the importance of each and every component of the glider and then make one for their own. 

In this kit, you will get parts for 8 Gliders.

What you get in Aerospace Kit?
Glider Aeromodelling ATL Stempedia

8 x Glider Cutouts


8 x Fevi Kwik


8 x Small Clays

Rangeela Water Color

4 x Rangeela Water Colour

Sand Paper Various Grit-80 4pcs 100 4pcs 120 4pcs

8 x Small Sandpaper

Benefits of Aerospace Kit
first Step

First Step

Get into the world of aeromodelling with learning by doing.

easy to use

Easy to Use

With easy to understand assembly, the glider is easy to build and assemble.

all age

For All

No matter who you are? School or College student or hobbyist. This kit is for you.

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