BioMedical Kit for ATL

$79.00 $67.00


BioMedical Kit for ATL

$79.00 $67.00

Bio Medical Kit is developed under ATL Guidelines. With this kit, you will get Digital Microscope with 1000x zoom and prepared slides of:

  • Animals 
  • Plants 
  • Insect Wings and Legs
  • Vegetable

Apart from these you can also make you own custom slides and visualize them under the microscope. 


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ATL BioMed Kit DIY Kit Microscope 2

evive BioMedical Kit provides students with different aspects of technology in the field of biology and medicine by visualizing various life forms, objects, cells, etc. It helps students to discover the Micro-World. The microscope is very easy to setup and handle, minimizing the efforts of both students and teachers. The kit comes with 48 prepared slides covering all the objects to get started with microscopy. Unlike traditional microscopes, users don’t have to visualize the objects only by preparing slides, they can use the microscope freely, and can visualize the surface of their skin, hairs, clothes, television, and many more objects. 

Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) is a network established by NITI Aayog, India under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) with the objective to endorse the STEM system of education, by cultivating curiosity, creativity and, imagination in the young India.

What you can visualize by using BioMedical Kit
Cotton Fabric
Jeans Fabric
Leg Hair Locust
Hair Root
TFT Display
Carrot Root
Pigeon Feather
Skin Hair
What you get with BioMedical Kit​

1 x Digital Microscope (1000x 2MP 8 LED USB Portable, with stand and cover)

Animal Prepared Slides

1. goldfish scale 2. sardine scale 3. plankton egg 4. canary feather 5. rabbit hair 6. cat hair 7. horse hait 8. cow hair 9. sheep hair 10. folw feather 11. duck feather 12. pigeon feather

Plants Prepared Slides
1. Celery leaf 2. corn stem 3. lotus root 4. cabbage leaf 5. pumpkin ovary 6. ginger root 7. onion Epidermis 8. burdock root 9. garrot root 10. cucumber ovary 11. sponge gourd stem 12. potato starch

Insect Wings and Legs Prepared Slides

1. Butterfly leg 2. Butterfly Antenna 3. Butterfly Wing 4. Honeybee wing 5. Honeybee Antenna 6. Honeybee leg 7. Dragonfly Wing 8. Dragonfly Abdomen 9. Dragonfly leg 10. Locust leg 11. Locust Wing 12. Locust Antenna

Vegetable Prepared Slides

1. dandelion fuzz 2. carnation stem 3. tulip pollen 4. laver 5. lily pollen 6. camellia pollen 7. sunflower pollen 8. bamboo cane 9. phlox leaf 10. pine tree stem 11. veins of holy leaf 12. agar

Benefits of BioMedical Kit

Easy to Use

Assembly, circuit and program of all the projects are simple and easy to make.


Open Learning Resources

All the tutorials, projects and programming software are free for everyone.


Exploring Minds

The kit is compatible with evive and most of the Arduino Boards. 


Freestyle Usage

You can use the microscope wherever you want without even preparing slides.


Prepared Sildes

You will get 48 prepared slides essential for anyone to start with.


Upto 1000x Zoom

You can scale the objects up to 1000x by just rotating the zoom cylinder.


Additional information

Weight500 g
Dimensions230 × 170 × 70 mm


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