STEM Add-On Bundle - IoT


STEM Add-On Bundle - IoT

STEM Add-On Bundle - IoT


  • Dive deep into the world of the Internet of Things and explore the future.
  • 15+ hours of learning content on IoT
  • 10 IoT kit add-ons
  • For grades 5-10
  • Engages 20-30 students per bundle
  • Free teaching material – activity sheets, lecture slides, and lesson plan
HC05 Bluetooth Module ATL

10 x HC05 Bluetooth Module

ESP8266 WIFI Module

10 x ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

Relay Single

40 x 5V Relay

Motion Sensor

10 x PIR Motion Sensor

Water Pump

10 x Water Pump 12V 3 W

Soil Moisture sensor

10 x Soil Moisture Sensor


10 x Temperature Sensor DHT11

Terminal Block

10 x DC to Terminal Block


20 x Light Dependent Resistors

Power Adapter

10 x 12V 2A Power Adapter

EU AU Converter

10 x EU-US Converter (Provided on Request)

EU-US Converter

10 x EU-AU Converter (Provided on Request)

Making of the Smart light bulb 3

10 x Bulb Holder Assembly

200 x Male – Male Jumper Cable (Consumable)

200 x Male – Female Jumper Cable (Consumable)

Female Female Jumper 20

200 x Female – Female Jumper Cable (Consumable)

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