STEM Safari Course Bundle


STEM Safari Course Bundle


The STEM Safari is a series of exciting online courses through the world of STEM that cover not only the ‘whys’ but also the ‘hows’. The courses introduce you to the wonders of electronics, programming, science, latest technologies such as robotics, and many more!

  • The first course on this exciting journey is Basics of Electronics, where you will uncover the magic of electronics while making circuits of your own!
  • Next, Introduction to Programming with Scratch, where you will learn how to write programs on Scratch, and make cool games in an easy and entertaining way!
  • Introduction to Robotics is going to be the third stop. Here you will learn about robots: what they are and how the work, as you make five different types yourself!

Join us on this exhilarating ride and discover the wonders of the STEM by doing it yourself.



Why do Online Courses?
Premium Content ATL evive
Premium Content
DIY Projects with concurrent learning thus endorsing STEM education
Self Paced
Possible to access, and complete the course at one's own speed
virtual classroom ATL
Virtual Classroom
24x7 online access, friendly classroom-like interface
Assignment ATL
Periodic Assignments
Actively engaging assignments to make sure whatever that is gained isn't lost
Discussion Forum ATL
Discussion Forum
Online platform for asking, discussing, sharing, and debating ideas and projects
evive certificate
Certification and Recognition
A token of achievement, and ecouragement for further learning


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