AI & Robotics Classroom Pack (Set of 12 Kits and Accessories)

Complete AI & Robotics Class Pack for school and activity center to engage students in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with hands-on activities, certified curriculum, and teacher training.


  • Includes: 12 Quarky Ultimate Kits with consumables, sensors, spares, activity robotics arenas, portable battery chargers.
  • For Grades 3-12: Engage 20-30 students at a time per classroom pack.
  • 120+ Hours of Interactive Online Course/Curriculum: Structured AI and Robotics curriculum with six courses on Graphical block programming and six on Python programming. Students can make hundreds of robotics configurations with lots of fun DIY robotics activities.
  • Educator Resources and LMS: Comes with planned AI & Robotics educator resources, lecture slides, activity sheets, assessment guides, and learning management system.
  • 4 hours of Virtual Teacher Training: STEMpedia master AI trainers will train and upskill the computer science teachers, STEM faculty, and school IT staff and provide regular yearly support to implement AI Curriculum in schools.
  • Includes PictoBlox Premium Features: Get PictoBlox premium features (AI, ML extensions for face recognition, image detection, self driving, speech recognition, etc.) for up to 200 students and 3 teachers.
  • Ships Worldwide with Free International Shipping*

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One-Stop Solution for AI and Robotics Education

Your Sandbox for Innovation to implement the latest education trends – Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Tinkering all at one place!

All Quarky projects

Durable AI Robotics Kit

Equip your school with Next-Gen AI kits along with consumables. The Quarky Ultimate Kit in AI class pack is packed with components which are durable, and reliable.

AI Coding Lab

Coding and AI with PictoBlox

PictoBlox is a Block and Python programming software where student can program the robots and learn new things. Avail premium features of PictoBlox for 3 teachers.

STEM Curriculum

Certified Curriculum & Resources

AI & Robotics class pack comes with ready-to-use structured curriculum for 3rd-12th grade and LMS to track the progress of each student and inculcate important 21st century skills.

AI Teacher training

Teacher Development Program on AI

Faculty learning assistance with our master AI trainers, who will train and upskill the computer science teachers, STEM faculty, & school IT staff. We provide dedicated live training sessions.

AI & Robotics Class Pack Equipment List

Classroom pack contains all the spares and consumables required for the AI robotics activities in class, sufficient for 200 students.

12 x Quarky Ultimate Kit

Spares and Consumables

12 x AI & Robotics Arena

12 x USB C Cable

12 x Motor

12 x Wheel

12 x Motor Mount 2 x Fastener set

12 x Servo Motor

Ultrasonic Sensor

6 x Ultrasonic Sensor

2 x Battery Charger (6-Port)

Plastics part

12 x Plastic Spares

80 x Alligator Wire

6 x Battery

Quarky motor wire Junction

6 x Motor Connector

Certified Curriculum for Block & Python Coding with LMS

Access free skill-based courses on coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics for 200 students. With Learning Management System, the teacher will be able to access the progress report of all enrolled students and assess.

Introduction to Coding

Covers the basic concepts of coding like sequence, loops, variables, arithmetic operators, logical operators, conditional statements, and game development using graphical programming.

AI for Kids

Covers the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence like computer vision, face detection & recognition, text detection, speech recognition, and machine learning using graphical programming.

Learn AI with Quarky

Learn AI with Quarky

Covers the basics of Physical Computing and Artificial Intelligence to make real life projects like waste detector, face locker, smart lamp and much more with block based coding!

Learn AI & Robotics using Quarky

AI & Robotics - Level 1

Covers the basics of Robotics, AI & Machine Learning to make real life projects like line follower, AI delivery car, AI assistant robot, self driving robot and much more with block based coding!

AI & Robotics - Level 2​

Covers the concepts of sensors, actuators, and AI to make real life projects like obstacle avoidance robot, automated parking robot, pick and place robot and much more with block based coding!

Introduction to Python

Learn the basics of coding with Python in PictoBlox. Learn concepts of algorithm, loops, sequencing, conditional statements, operators, list, and functions.

AI & ML with Python

Learn the concepts of Artificial Intelligence like Computer Vision, Face Detection & Recognition, Text Detection, Speech Recognition, and Machine Learning using Python.

AI with Quarky & Python

Covers the basic concepts of Physical Computing and Hardware programming. AI with Quarky to make real-life projects like Sign Detection, Waste Management, and Face-Based Locker.

Robotics & AI with Quarky & Python – Level 1

Covers the basic concepts of Robotics like robot movement, wirelessly controlled robot, and line following robot. Integrate AI with Robotics to make real-life projects like AI delivery robots, waste collector robots, and self-driving cars.

Robotics & AI with Quarky & Python – Level 2

Covers the concepts of sensors, actuators, and AI to make real life projects like obstacle avoidance robot, automated parking robot, pick and place robot and much more with block based coding!

Reviews from Students and Teachers

Listen from the people who have experienced the wonders of advance AI and Machine Learning concepts with Quarky!

Get Started with the AI & Robotics Classroom Pack

We assure best support and training to implement the AI and Robotics Curriculum along with Learning Management System in your school, makerspace, libraries, robotic labs and afterschool programs.


AI and Robotics Classroom Pack is designed for the implementation of the latest education trends as per CSTA, IB (International Baccalaureate®), IGCSE, ICSE, National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and CBSE Skill Subjects with Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Tinkering, and Data Science.

AI curriculum and kits are recommended for Grade 3 to 12. For younger grades or beginners, we suggest block-based coding, while for higher grades (9+), we implement an AI curriculum with Python coding.

Considering one session of 40-60 mins of AI and Robotics per week running over the year, and two-three students working in groups the AI Classroom Pack can be used with up to 200 students.

It’s depends on the school. If you are looking to start AI curriculum, then a fully equipped computer lab is sufficient.

  1. 1 x Projector and Computer/Laptop for Teacher
  2. 1 x Computre/Laptop/Tablet/iPad for each group (Total 12-15)
    1. OS: Windows 8+/Mac/Linux with atleast 4 GB RAM (Currently Chromebooks are not supported)
    2. Accessories (or in-built features): Mic, Camera and Bluetooth
    3. Internet Access

Note:  Python coding is not supported in Tablet/iPad.

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