STEM Tinkering Lab Catalogue for Schools

What is STEM Tinkering Lab?

Experiencing STEM in the real world has become a necessity for today’s generation as technology and engineering are shaping the future faster than the population could ever catch up. To keep our young minds ahead of the game, they need to understand science and mathematics from a perspective of applying them to real life technology and engineering problems.

Innovators of Tomorrow!


  • 15 Starter Kit
  • Construction Kits
  • Expert DIY Kits
  • 3D Printing Package
  • Expert Mechanical Tools
  • Expert Consumables Package

Classroom Training Programs

Our laboratory offerings are complimented by a variety of training programs to suit your needs. Even if you haven’t made your mind to invest in a laboratory yet, you can avail non-laboratory training programs to acquaint yourself with experiential STEM learning and make an informed choice later.

With classroom training programs we mentor and train students over a 40 session time-frame every year, with a session once or twice every week per batch.

Premium Online Courses

In a digitized world, learning online is a fast growing trend. Avail this option if this is the way your students enjoy learning. Only ₹999/- per course per user.

Introduction to Electronics




Courses Robotics


Teacher Training Program

Every School is different and has its own ways of teaching and training. If you prefer training students on your own using our content or online courses, we can train your teachers for the same over a rigorous 5-day teacher training program.

Student Training Content

While training students by yourselves, you will need access to our intelligently curated training content package for students, comprising of regular activity sheets, feedback and evaluation sheets, and other important hand-outs.

Bundle for each student will cost ₹499/- per year.

Note: This bundle is available for FREE with our Classroom Training Programs.

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