Pen Blocks for Scratch

Pen blocks are color-coded dark-green, and are used to control the pen aspect of the Scratch Program.

There are 11 Stack blocks in this category.

Pen blocks are useful when creating a one sprite one script project, allowing one to take various actions:

  • Stamp the sprite
  • Put the pen down
  • Release the pen


ClearThe block removes all marks made by the pen or stamps. This block is the only Pen block that the Stage can use.

When used in a script, the Sprite will produce a bitmap image of itself, which is stamped onto the Stage.
Pen DownThe block will make its sprite continuously pen a trail wherever it moves (until the Pen Up block is used). The color, width, and shade of the trail can be changed with other independent blocks.
Pen UpIf a sprite is currently using the pen feature because of the Pen Down block, the block will stop it from continuing. If the pen feature is not being used, the block will have no effect.
Set Pen ColorThe block sets the pen's color to the color chosen with the block's color-picker (eyedropper tool). To select a color (in the non-value-entry block), one must click on the color box and then click anywhere in the Scratch program to change the color with the eye-dropper.
Change Pen colourThe block increments or decrements the pen's color by the specified value.
Set Pen ColourThe block sets the pen's color to the color chosen with the block's color-picker
Change Pen ShadeThe block changes the pen's shade by the specified amount.
Set Pen ShadeThe block sets the pen's shade to the specified amount.
Change Pen SizeThe block changes the pen's size by the specified amount.
Set Pen SizeThe block sets the pen's size to the specified amount.

The above information is referenced from Scratch Wiki.

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