How to use evive’s Joystick (Navigation Key)

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This tutorial discusses how to work with evive’s 5-way navigation key and how to read its state and display on the TFT screen with the help of an Arduino IDE sketch.
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Components Required

ImageComponentQuantityAvailable in Kit
USB A-B Cable1


evive has an inbuilt 5-way navigation key, which is used to navigate through evive menu based system. The navigational key has 4 directions:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Up
  • Down.

This information is provided by the analog pin A11.

The 5th direction is centre-pressThe centre switch is connected to the digital pin 19 in active HIGH mode. This means that if the switch is pressed, then pin 19 is HIGH; otherwise the pin is LOW.

Joystick or 5-way Navigation Key

The table below shows the values for their corresponding directions:



In this example we will read the state of the 5-way navigation key and display it on the TFT Screen.

Below is the Arduino sketch:

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