How to Retrieve Data from Cloud (ThingSpeak) using ESP8266?

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In this tutorial, we will retrieve the sensor data from the cloud (ThingSpeak) using evive and ESP8266.
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Components Required

Image Component Quantity Available in Kit
evive 1
USB A-B Cable 1
ESP8266 Module (ESP-12) 1
evive Alert
Alert: If  you have not done our previous tutorial on “How to Send Data to Cloud (ThingSpeak) using ESP8266?“, then complete it first. We will use it in this tutorial.


In the last tutorial, we have seen how to send sensor data to ThingSpeak. To complete the whole Internet of Thing loop, we will now learn how to retrieve sensor data from the cloud (ThingSpeak). We will retrieve the last data sent in the previous project.

Connecting evive to Internet

To connect evive with the internet we will use the ESP8266 module.

Connect ESP8266 Module to its header on evive:

WiFi ESP8266

ThingSpeak Parameters

You will need the following parameters from your channel to access the data:

  1. Channel ID
  2. Read and Write API
    API Keys

PictoBlox Program

In this example, we will be sending data to the potentiometer data to the ThingSpeak channel we have created.

  1. Open PictoBlox.
  2. Select the board as evive:
    Selecting Board
  3. Connect the evive.
    Select Port
  4. Add Internet of Things extension in PictoBlox by clicking on the add extension button on the bottom left corner.
    Load Extensions
  5. Create the following script using when evive starts up block:
    Retrieving Data
  6. Upload the code onto evive:
    Upload Code

You can download the PictoBlox program from here: IoT – Receiving data to ThinkSpeak

When you start your evive, you will see two things happening:

  1. M1 LED glowing:
    1. Yellow: Connected to Wi-Fi.
    2. Red: Not connected to Wi-Fi. Check if your Wi-Fi name and password are correct.
  2. M2 LED glowing:
    1. Yellow: Connected to ThingSpeak.
    2. Red: Not connected to ThingSpeak.

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