Interface temperature sensor(LM35) with evive

lm-35 temperature display
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This tutorial discusses how we can interface LM-35 temperature sensor with evive and display the data on the evive tft display .LET’S BEGIN….
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In the scorching summer, the generally asked question is what is the temperature ? So, what do we basically understand by temperature?Well the answers to your question lies ahead.

Temperature is the degree (or intensity ) of heat present in a substance. Temperature is one of the most commonly measured parameter in the world, whether it is from Microwave or fridges or AC. Now, to measure the temperature we will use a LM-35 temperature sensor. 

LM-35 sensor is a thermocouple which gathers the temperature from the surrounding. The output voltage of the sensor is linearly proportional to its output temperature(in °C). It is a three pin temperature sensor which measures the temperature in the range of -40 °C to +120 °C. The output voltage of the sensor increase 10 mV/°C. 

How does LM-35 sensor work?

The LM-35 sensor gives the voltage in the range of 0 to +1V.Each step in the analog reading which is equal to 1.0742 mV. If 10mV is equal to 1 degree Celcius, 10 / 1.0742 = 9.31. So, for every change of 9.31 in the analog reading, there is one degree of temperature change. Hence the factor or the conversion of the output signal becomes  

celsius = (analogRead(tempPin)  / 9.31)

Interfacing LM-35 sensor with evive 

Circuit Diagram:

Follow the steps below to connect LM-35 sensor with evive:

  1. Take a LM-35 sensor and  3 male to male jumper wires.Insert the temperature sensor in the breadboard as shown in the figure.Insert the three male end of the jumper wires on the breadboard in front of the  three pin of the temperture sensor.  
  2. Connect the middle pin (yellow jumper wire) to the analog output A0 as shown in the circuit diagram.
  3. Take another male to male jumper wire(red jumper wire) and connect the first pin of the temperature sensor.This pin goes to 5V of the evive board.
  4. At last connect the last pin of the sensor to the GND button on the evive.The setup is ready.

Arduino Code:

The following arduino code displays the data read by the sensor on the evive TFT screen.


The arduino setup is shown below.


evive Notes Icon
Note: While making the connections with the LM-35 sensor make sure the pins are properly inserted in the breadboard. Sometimes the temperature sensor will show abnormal values.It maybe due to irregularities in the jumper wires.

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