Interfacing 2-color led module with evive

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In this tutorial we will interface 2-color led module with evive and we will produces different color combination’s using this led
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Components Required

ImageComponentQuantityAvailable in Kit
USB A-B Cable1
Male to Female Jumper Cable 10cm1
  • None


The KY-011  2-color led is a handy littel component that allows two colors ( Red and Green) in a single LED while only having 3 pins 

  • Comman cathode pin 
  • Anode for green led 
  • Anode for  red  led

The KY-011 2-color led  emits red and green colors but by applying different voltages on anodes of led we can produce different colors ,we will use PWM pin’s of our evive board to generate different voltages ,click here for more information on PWM


Circuit diagram


  • Connect comman cathode pin of KY-011 module to ‘GND’  pin of evive
  • Connect anode of green LED to pin number 10 of evive
  • Connect anode of red LED to pin number 11 of evive

Arduino code

We have used two different ‘for’ loops in this code  , first for loop will increase the intensity of  “Red” led and second ‘for’ loop will increase the intensity of “Green” led 

Expected result

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