Interfacing RGB LED module with evive

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In this tutorial we will interface KY-009 RGB module with evive and we will produce red ,green and blue color using single led
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Components Required

Image Component Quantity Available in Kit
evive 1
USB A-B Cable 1
Male to Female Jumper Cable 20cm 1


The KY-009 “RGB” module is a  handy little component that allow three color ( Red ,Green and Blue) in a single Led while having only 4 pins

  • Comman cathode pin 
  • Anode for Red LED
  • Anode for Blue LED
  • Anode for Green LED

The KY-009  “RGB” module  emits ‘Red’ , ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ color but by applying different voltages on anode pins of each led we can produce different combinations of colors but in this tutorial we will only produce “Red” “Green” and “Blue” colors only



Circuit diagram


  • Connect comman cathode pin of KY-009 module to ‘GND’ pin of evive
  • Connect anode of Red LED to pin number 11 of evive
  • Connect anode of Green LED to pin number 10 of evive
  • Connect anode of Blue LED to pin number 9 of evive

Arduino code

In this code we have used three different for loops, each for loop will produce one color out of ‘Red’ , ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ color and it will increase the intensity of light after each 100 ms

Expected result


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