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Online Learning Courses for Kids to Make Them Future-Ready

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Trusted by Parents and Teachers

Dinesh Mehta AI Course

“Enrolling my kids in this AI course proved to be a great decision. They now spend their screen time learning useful concepts and skills instead of just playing games or watching videos.”

Dinesh Mehta (Parent)

“Everything from the course material to the teaching process to the assessment system is very good. All my students are always on time for their online lectures which shows that they’re thoroughly enjoying the course!”

Baranee Dharan  (Educator)

Why Learn Skills Online with STEMpedia

21st-Century Skills

Learn skills online that are important for preparing for a tech-ruled future such as critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, etc.

Self-Paced Learning

Read, re-read concepts again, perform activities multiple times, and gain the most out of your online learning experience at your own pace.

Live Online Learning Sessions

Get your questions answered and doubts solved on the spot during live hands-on sessions conducted by expert STEM educators.

Period Assessment

Test your knowledge and get your concepts straight with regular quizzes and assignments spread throughout the online courses.

Online Certificate

Receive a certificate on completing the course and share your newly gained knowledge and skills with your family and friends.

24x7 Course Access

Take control of your online learning experience by accessing all online learning courses from anywhere in the world anytime.


What is STEMpedia’s mission?

At STEMpedia, our mission is to make STEM learning easy, fun, and accessible to all students across the globe and enable them to become the innovators of tomorrow by imparting quality hands-on learning and providing them with world-class hardware and STEM learning resources.

Who is STEMpedia for?

For everyone! Whether you’ve just kicked off your project-making journey, are somewhere in the middle, or are already a veteran hobbyist; when you come to STEMpedia, you won’t leave empty-handed!

For those who’ve just started or are a little bit into the journey, the Starter Kit is the perfect DIY robot building kit you need to make your journey through the world of DIYing smooth and fun.

For those of you who have been DIYing since long and are looking for a faster and more versatile method of prototyping, the IoT Kit, evive, and add-on kits for advanced robotics, biotech, etc will give you an opportunity to explore the future will helping you learn, build, and debug your projects and robots with ease.

What is the minimum recommended age of these kids online courses?

The minimum age of these kids online courses is 7 years. But of course, if you are Dexter, then you could use it anytime after you've started walking. 😉

Are all the online learning courses completely free?

The first lesson of these kids online courses is free. If your child/student finds the lesson interesting and would like to continue the course, then you can purchase the course at a nominal price. 🙂

How are your kids online courses different from other online learning courses and the free content available online?

Our kids online learning courses have meticulously been designed by our STEM education experts with the sole purpose of imparting quality online learning to your kids in an engaging and playful way keeping in mind their understanding level. These online learning courses are carefully structured and ensure that kids are not overwhelmed or confused by the knowledge which happens with the free content available online.

Also, the courses are based on dozens of hands-on activities and use the world’s best programming and project making apps and software which ensure that your child will learn with nothing but the best.

Will my child/student get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes! Most of our kids online courses are online certification courses. After submitting all the assignments and passing all the quizzes with a minimum aggregate percentage of 50%, your child/student will be eligible for getting the certificate.