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Educating parents & teachers on the importance of experiential learning in nurturing young minds into innovators of tech-tomorrow.

Can STEM Kits be Gifts?

STEM Education: Robotics, Coding, and Gifts Who doesn’t like gifts? Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like gifts? Exactly! Everyone loves gifts. Especially children.…

This Is Why Science Is Important

We all know someone from the science field that boasts a little too much about the science, don’t we? But do you know why? What…
Art in STEM

STEAM: A Renaissance for STEM?

Integrated STEM education is an effort to combine the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into one class, unit, or lesson that is…

This Is Why Math Is Important

2 plus 2 is four, minus 1 is 3, quick maths. Now, though not many people are going to understand the beauty of this song,…
Culturally Responsive STEM Education

Culturally Responsive STEM Education

STEM has made itself comfortable as a beneficial form of teaching for quite some time now. The wide realm of subjects it covers makes it…
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