Download the PictoBlox Application

Choose your Operating System (OS)
Windows Installer (.exe)

STEP 1: Download the Pictoblox Installer (.exe) for Windows 7 and above.

STEP 2: Run the .exe file.

Some of the device gives the following popup. You don’t have to worry, this software is harmless. Click on More info and then click on Run anyway.

STEP 3: Rest of the installation is straight forward, you can follow the popup and check on the option appropriate for your need.

Installing PictoBlox

Your software is now installed!

macOS Installer

STEP 1: Download the Pictoblox Installer (.dmg).

STEP 2: Run the .dmg file.

Let's Learn Programming

Getting Started with PictoBlox
Learn how to install PictoBlox, its user interface, and how to connect evive and Arduino boards and program it.
Introduction to Programming with PictoBlox
This course is a beginners' course on programming that teaches the basics of programming with a learning by doing approach.
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