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How we can help you?

STEMpedia, the simplest and most complete way to begin learning and prototyping, aims at revolutionizing the way world innovates. We have built a complete STEM learning solution to breed innovators in every nook and corner of our planet. STEMpedia helps you do everything in less than half the usual time, in less than half the usual investment and less than one third the usual headache.

Our Strengths

STEMpedia believes in driving and elevating STEM education for students and makers, hence, we strive to help students develop themselves in the fraternity of STEM.

  • Solid Knowledge of STEM and Real Applications of STEM in Students and Makers' life.
  • Best-in-Class STEM education Products.
  • Exceptional Courses and Training Programs.
  • Use of Latest Technology in Products to Help Students Keep Abreast of STEM Education and its Developments.
  • Beneficial for Schools and Educators – We Create Innovative ATLs at Schools that deliver Highly Satisfying Practical Learning Experience with STEM for Students.
  • Learn More, Grow More - We work towards STEM Education Development with the principle “Learn More, Grow More”. This beneifts Educators and Students to grow and excel in the STEM Education with Our Products, Training and Courses.

"Delivering Impeccable Learning Opportunities to People"

STEMpedia & evive

Starting its journey with a single product and under its brand name, evive, the initiative has gradually expanded its umbrella and become STEMpedia, a one-stop solution for STEM education. evive and all its kits are now sold under STEMpedia.


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