evive Starter Kit



A mighty creator kit for kids and beginners of all ages to give them the perfect start in the world of electronics, robotics, and programming.

  • Gives kids the ultimate STEM experience with lots of exciting DIY projects.
  • Comes with evive – the most versatile electronics prototyping platform.
  • Contains hundreds of electronic and mechanical components.
  • Includes a maker guide with instructions for 20+ DIY projects for experimenting with science, playing with circuits, and running robots among other things.
  • Free visual programming software and project-making app.
(14 customer reviews)

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14 reviews for evive Starter Kit

  1. Rain

    Very compact and powerful. Certainly we will buy this product yet. Provides many opportunities for students, comes with a very good guide.

  2. Carolyn Walker

    I bought this for my 9yr old because he wanted to build a robot. It was so much fun to assemble it. Now, he keeps on playing around with the app to control the robot. The best part was that coding it was super easy. And the resources to do it are great too I highly recommend it.

  3. Codingheroes

    There is something very special here. We’ve been using a lot of different STEM kits in our classes for a long time. However, each kit we’ve used was always lacking in one or two areas. Either the kit was too simple for kids to put together or it was too closed to adding our own components.

    Evive has solved both of those problems. Not only that, its potential is off the charts!! If you are looking for an amazing kit that will challenge your children I can’t recommend Evive enough. It’s great for kids just starting in robotics. But the best part about Evive is that it will grow with your child. You can easily add your own components to create endless amounts of inventions.

    As an added bonus, the curriculum is absolutely amazing!!

  4. baranee

    We are using Evive in Schools to teach STEM Concepts for Past 2 years … Its really easy to teach program, electronics and IOT concepts to students . Have conducted carnivals & competitions with evive kit .. Its Wonderful 21st century product from the stempedia team !!

  5. Catherine Green

    Have tried many robot building kits like witblox, micro:bit but the evive Strater Kit is by far the best kit.

  6. Shawn Washington (verified owner)

    Best STEM kit ever. Great product.

  7. Shawn Washington

    Best STEM kit ever. Great product.

  8. Vassanty Khatri

    I am educator and have ordered STEMpedia’s evive Starter Kit for our STEM lab, the kids really loved it and their parents are happy about it too. I would highly recommended other educators to try it out.

  9. Juan Perry

    The coolest thing my kid has owned: an educational toy. Kudos to the team!

  10. Laura James

    Big fan of your Starter Kit Projects from US. 🙂

  11. Rajneesh Sharma

    Got the kit on time for my kids birthday, great work team. He loved it.

  12. Imran Zaragoza

    I have tried many STEM bricks like lego and others but I find this the best as I can make number of projects with it and even interface it number of sensors.

  13. dschoeff

    My wife and I teach STEM topics in various clubs sponsored by our church. Over the last three years, we’ve done several STEM Engineering and Coding clubs. In 2021, we are starting a Robotics club and have selected the Evive Starter Kit for the first semester. We selected Evive because of the frustration our students had with various robotics kits. These frustrations included limited programming capabilities, lack of mechanical versatility, and difficulty troubleshooting problems. In preparation for our new club, we’re working through the tutorials provided on the STEMpedia site. The Evive is at the heart of the tutorials and I’ve found it to be an amazingly versatile device. It supports several types of sensors, controls motors, and features a wiring breadboard. In addition the Evive provides an excellent interface for pin readouts, and troubleshooting. When we have had trouble, the tech support staff has been very helpful. I highly recommend STEMpedia and especially the Evive Starter Kit.

  14. Viyaan

    GOod it is realy ,yes

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