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evive is an all-in-one prototyping lab that caters to all learning, building, and debugging needs.

evive Starter Kit

evive Starter Kit is the perfect companion for beginners to kick-start their journey of DIY-ing.

evive IoT Kit

evive Internet of Things kit is the perfect companion for beginners learning wireless communication.

evive Robotic Arm Kit

The Robotic Arm Kit enables a multitude of possibilities – make your personal pick-and-place system or a sketching robot.

evive AgriTech Kit

Make your own Plant Monitoring System, Drip Irrigation System, Automated Plant Watering System, etc.

evive BioTech Kit

Understand yourself better – watch your pulses jump up & down, assist visually impaired fellows, analyze your breath, etc.

evive BioMedical Kit

evive’s Bio Medical Kit provides student exposure in biology by visualizing various life forms, objects, cells, etc.

evive 4 Wheel Drive Robot Kit

Build a basic four wheeled robot and control it using joystick, evive mobile app (via Bluetooth), etc. 

Aerospace Kit

Design and development small flying air vehicles to learn, apply and understand science and engineering principles.

Anycubic I3 Mega

Simple to use Metallic 3D printer compatible with ABS, PLA and many more materials.

ATL Kits

evive’s ATL Kits form the complete package for setting up tinkering labs as envisaged under AIM.

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