STEM Classroom Bundle



A mighty STEM bundle/set consisting of creator kits perfect for launching into the world of learning by doing the most exciting way. Ideal for educators who believe that the future is now.

  • 60+ hours of STEM learning content for Classroom Learning.
  • 12 evive Starter Kits
  • Comes with classroom accessories and consumables.
  • For grades 2 – 10
  • Engages 20-30 students per bundle.
  • 100 Online Courses Licences on electronics, programming, and robotics.
  • 2 hours of virtual training for getting started for teachers.
  • Free teaching material – Activity Sheets, Lecture Slides, and Lesson Plans.
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STEM Classroom Bundle - Equipment List

This is a great bundle for teaching your students about hands-on learning, electronics, programming, and using computers to control physical devices and robots.

evive Starter Kit – STEM Classroom Bundle

12 x evive Starter Kit

Course – STEM Classroom Bundle

100 x Course Logins

Li-ion Battery – STEM Classroom Bundle

12 x 7.4V Lithium Ion Battery

Adapter – STEMClassroom Bundle

4 x Battery Charger

Battery Holder – STEMClassroom Bundle

12 x Battery Holder

Bluetooth Module – STEM Classroom Bundle

10 x Bluetooth Module (Consumable)

Motor – STEM Classroom Bundle

10 x DC BO Motor (Consumable)

Wheel – STEMClassroom Bundle

10 x BO Wheel (Consumable)

Servo – STEMClassroom Bundle

10 x Servo Motor (Consumable)

MMJumper – STEM Classroom Bundle

200 x Male – Male Jumper Cable (Consumable)

MFJumper – STEM Classroom Bundle

200 x Male – Female Jumper Cable (Consumable)

FFJumper – STEM Classroom Bundle

200 x Female – Female Jumper Cable (Consumable)

STEM Lab Curriculum

The STEM education curriculum teaches electronics, programming, physical computing, and robotics through hands-on activities. It also helps students develop 21st-century skills like DIY-ing, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

educational toys for kids

Hands-On STEM for Elementary Kids

STEM curriculum for teaching electronics, physical computing, and robotics to kids through engaging activities. Grades 2-5


Electronics for Kids - Level 1

STEM program for kids teaching electronics basics with LED glowing, DIY turntable, DC and servo motor control activities.


Introduction to Programming

This covers basic coding concepts and game development using graphical programming.


Physical Computing for Kids - Level 1

Teach physical computing with activities like controlling characters, creating games, and building a smart LED street light using evive.

Student Playing Robot Dabble Boy

Robotics for Kids – Level 1

Hands-on activities to teach robotics. It includes making a mobile robot, a Smartphone-controlled robot, and a Follow Me robot. Perfect for robot-building.


Electronics for Kids - Level 2

Focus on electronics projects exploring series & parallel resistors, analog & digital signals, etc.


Physical Computing for Kids - Level 2

Physical computing with PictoBlox, including RTC creation, game development, and voice-controlled projects.


Robotics for Kids - Level 2

Explore robotics through hands-on projects, like gesture-controlled, obstacle-avoiding, and line-following robots.

PictoBlox Python for kids to learn Python in a fun and interactive way.

PictoBlox Software License

PictoBlox software is available to all students and teachers. It’s a programming software that lets students program robots and explore new knowledge. PictoBlox software provides learning opportunities for block coding (suitable for grades 3-8), Python coding (suitable for grades 7-12), machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, physical computing, and self-driving technology.