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Learn AI. Make bots. Have Fun!

Make your kids ready for the future with the best AI learning kit for kids. 

Explore AI and Beyond

The BEST AI learning companion for kids to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence & robotics in an interactive and playful way!

Fun Learning For Age 7-14 Years Old!

Advanced AI Concepts Made Easy

Programmable Using Blocks & Python

From Basic to Advance Concepts of AI for Kids

Quarky Kits have made it easy for kids to learn and experiment with new concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in a fun and engaging manner. Watch Now!

Technologies at Focus

Get hands-on experience with cutting edge technologies of the future that are both fun and practical for kids to apply their knowledge.

Coding - Graphical & Python

Artificial Intelligence


Self Driving Techology

Interactive AI

Localization and Automation

Quarky's Tech

Quarky is a powerful, portable device that allows users to create complex projects with its 3.7V Li–ion battery support, two tactile switches, five capacitive touch sensors, two infrared sensors, and general–purpose input–output pins. It includes 35 programmable RGB LEDs in a 7×5 grid for creating animations, writing text, and displaying patterns, as well as a good-quality speaker for human-like audio or buzzing. Additionally, it has Wi–Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, and multipurpose input/output pins that can be used to interface with any third–party sensors. Quarky also has protections for reverse polarity, overvoltage, and overcurrent.

Why is QUARKY the best?

Learn technologies of the future with a fun-filled AI learning experience from the comfort of your own home.

Transform Quarky into anything! You can make hundreds of interactive real-world application-based projects such as an expression detector, AI delivery bot, home automation system, etc. 

Quarky helps you understand widely used artificial intelligence concepts such as machine learning (self-driving cars), face recognition (face unlock), speech recognition (Alexa), etc. 

Code and control all your projects, games, animations, and robots anytime, anywhere using a smartphone or a tablet! You can even mount your phone on them to make them autonomous.

Create real world projects with Quarky and inculcate important 21st century skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking and innovativeness.

Quarky Kits for Students

Choose the perfect At-Home Learning option for you, with high-quality and motivational support available. Trust your judgment and enhance your kid’s education today!

Quarky Ultimate Kit

The BEST Companion for Kids with complete hands-on experience to learn AI, Robotics & Coding with 10+ robotics configurations and 50+ projects.

Quarky Innovator Kit

Beginner Programmable Robot Kit to learn AI, robotics, and self-driving technology for all ages and coding skills. 

Quarky Explorer Kit

A programmable board that can help kids of all ages and coding abilities learn about coding, artificial intelligence, and physical computing.

DIY Quarky Add-On Kits for Kids

Our DIY Addon kits are tailored to students’ interests and aspirations, fostering learning in coding, robotics, creativity, and curiosity. Each kit is designed to specialize students in their chosen field.

Mecanum Wheel Robot

Discover interesting multi-directional movements of the Mecanum Wheel Robot – build foundations of industrial technology.

Humanoid Add-On Kit

A humanoid robot that can walk and dance. Learn mechanics and advanced concepts of robotics, coding & AI with Humanoid Kit.

Quadruped Add-On Kit

Explore four-footed mechanical actions, creep-gait algorithms, and sprawling movements with the Quadruped robot.

Mars Rover Add-On Kit

Build the Mars Rover with the rocker-bogie mechanism based on the one from NASA and dive into coding robots for outer space.

Robotic Arm Add-On Kit

Grasp the concepts of new-age industrial robotics using the basics of electromechanics of the 4 DOFs with Robotic Arm.

IoT House Add-On Kit

Make the IoT House with, AI enabled, security and gardening system. Learn to remotely use any device of choice with the smart plug!

AI and Robotics Offerings for Schools

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Lab for schools is a holistic package to provide complete solutions with DIY Robotics kits, Coding Software, Grade-wise certified curriculum for CBSE Subject Code 417, 843, and ICSE Subject Code 66, Teaching Resources, and Learning Management Systems to impart the BEST coding, AI, and robotics education with hands-on learning.

Quarky Reviews from Customers

Discover the fun of learning with Quarky! Hear from kids, parents and educators who have experienced it first-hand.

Code Play Repeat

PictoBlox Python for kids to learn Python in a fun and interactive way.

PictoBlox​: Creator Tool for Coding, AI, AR-VR and Robotics

Quarky introduces you to coding through a complete hands-on approach with PictoBlox, an intuitive block-based and Python programming interface with advanced AI tools.

Skill Based Courses for Block & Python Coding

Get license to access courses focused on coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics that require a specific skill set.

Introduction to Coding

Learn coding basics such as sequence, loops, variables, arithmetic and logical operators, conditional statements, and game development through graphical programming.

AI for Kids

Learn AI basics: computer vision, face & text detection, speech recognition, and machine learning with graphics programming.

Learn AI with Quarky

Learn Physical Computing and Artificial Intelligence with block based coding to create projects like waste detector, face locker, smart lamp and more!

AI & Robotics - Level 1

Learn Robotics, AI & Machine Learning basics to create real-life projects such as line followers, AI delivery cars, assistant robots, and self-driving robots with block-based coding.

AI & Robotics - Level 2​

Create robots like obstacle avoidance, automated parking, pick and place, and more using block-based coding with sensors, actuators, and AI.

Introduction to Python

Learn Python coding basics in PictoBlox. You'll cover algorithm, loops, sequencing, conditional statements, operators, lists, and functions.

AI & ML with Python

Learn AI concepts including Computer Vision, Face & Text Detection, Speech Recognition, and ML with Python.

AI with Quarky & Python

Learn Physical Computing and AI with Quarky for real-life projects involving Sign Detection, Waste Management, and Face-Based Locker.

Robotics & AI with Quarky & Python – Level 1

Learn Robotics basics - robot movement, remote control, and line following. Explore AI integration for practical projects like delivery, waste collection, and self-driving cars.

Robotics & AI with Quarky & Python – Level 2

Learn to create real-life projects like obstacle avoidance robots, automated parking robots, and pick-and-place robots using block-based coding with sensors, actuators, and AI concepts.

FAQs on Quarky

We’ve ensured that we use high-quality materials while building Quarky. So the chances of it getting damaged are significantly less, but we’ve also provided a six-month warranty against manufacturer defects for the mainboard and a six-month warranty for the battery.

If you receive a defective piece, either our local distributors or our supply-chain team would reach out and arrange the exchange for you.

For coding Quarky, you’ve to use our platform named “PictoBlox.” It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chromebook (launching soon). So, you can code and control your robots using any device you like, anytime and anywhere you want.

No, Quarky is an intuitive learning tool that is suitable for both novice and experienced coders. It is programmed using a graphical programming platform named PictoBlox which allows you to build your project by using Scratch as well as Python. In addition, the interactive graphical programming interface adds fun to the learning and makes the whole experience even more immersive.

Quarky comes with free online self-paced courses that teach complex concepts through fun and interactive DIY activities. We also provide a Get-Start booklet with the kits.