Plug & Play Hardware Interface

April 20, 2017


Could it be any simpler than plugging your hardware into evive and controlling directly from the on-screen user interface. evive plug & play hardware interface contains DC motors, DC motor drivers, servo motor, stepper motor, relay and pnuematics.

DC Motor

evive has two inbuilt motor control units with which you can control motors with current limit of 1A each. It uses a SN754410NE Quad H-Bridge IC to control two DC Motors.

evive motor channel

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DC Motor Driver Putput Pins

evive has two DC Motor Driver pin outputs, which can be used when user have to connect a large motor which draw current more than 1 Amp.

evive Motor Driver output channel

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Servo Motor

evive has two dedicated servo motor outputs pins that allows precise control of angular position, velocity and acceleration.

evive servo output channel

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Stepper Motor

evive can control a stepper motor from its motor output pins.

evive motor channel

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A relay is an electrically operated switch which uses an electromagnet to mechanically operate a switch. Through evive you can run two relays of 12V control inputs through its motor output channels.

evive motor channel

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