Dabble Extension

Dabble Extension

Dabble Extension has all the blocks that enable evive and other Arduino boards to communicate with Dabble


enable LED controlThe block allows the user to control the brightness of LED connected to digital pins of the device using Dabble app. You can enter the pin number to which your device is connected and vary the brightness in the app.
is data from terminalThe block compares the latest string message in the terminal with the data input by the user in the block. If the data matches, it returns the true, else it returns false. 
get number from terminalThe block returns a number received from the terminal module of the Dabble app.
send to terminalThe block sends the written message on the terminal module of the Dabble app.
is pressed on gamepadThere are 10 digital buttons in the gamepad module, whose data is sent to the device when they are pressed or released. The block reports whether the button is currently pressed on the gamepad or not. If the chosen button is pressed, then it returns true, else it returns false. 
get from gamepadThe block returns the real-time value of the selected parameter (X value, Y value, radial value, and angle) form the joystick and accelerometer mode of the Gamepad module of the Dabble app. You can choose the parameter from the drop-down menu.
enable pin state monitorThe block allows the user to remotely monitor the live status of devices and debug them by displaying the values of all the pins – both digital and analog.
enable motor controlThe block allows the user to control actuators such as DC motors and servo motors from the Motor control module of the Dabble app.
is tactile switch pressedDabble inputs module have two tactile switches. This block reports the state of the tactile switch (pressed or not) in real-time. If the switch is pressed, then it returns true else false.
is slide switch pressedDabble input module have 2 slide switch type input, having states left, right and off. This block reports if the selected slide switch is in the selected state in real-time. If the slide switch is in that state, then it returns true else false.
get potentiometer valueDabble input module has 2 potentiometers whose value can be varied from 0 to 1023 by the user. This block reports the current value of the selected potentiometer.
get sensor reading 2Dabble phone sensor module give the real-time reading of the following sensors to evive: Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, magnetometer, light meter, sound meter, GPS, temperature sensor and barometer. This block reports the current value of the selected sensor.
refresh dataThis block refreshes the data sent to the hardware device from Dabble app.

Content is available under CC BY-SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.

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