initialise () eye to DIN () CS () CLK ()

Initialise () eye to DIN () CS () CLK () block is a stack block available in Humanoid Robot extension for evive and other Arduino boards. This block defines the PWM pins to which the DIN (Data Input Pin), CS (Chipset Pin) and CL (Clock Pin) of the 8 * 8 Dot Matrix LED is connected.

Input Parameters

  1. Drop down to choose between left and right LED matrices.
  2. The next three drop-downs are to select the channels to which the pins are connected. By default, the values are set to 12, 10, and 11.
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Note: This block is available in both Stage and Upload mode.


Here, in the given script, the eyes i.e. the 8 * 8 LED Matrix of humanoid will display the heart.

  1. Define PWM pins for the pins connected of the left eye.
  2. Define PWM pins for the pins connected of the right eye.
  3. Set the emotion you want to be displayed on the matrices.initialise block example
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Note: Before working with the Humanoid Robot, we need to calibrate the hands such that they are straight and calibrate the legs in such a way that they are facing forward.

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