IoT Extension

IoT Extension

IoT Extension allow you to make IoT-based projects such as home automation, monitoring temperature, etc.


connect to wifiThe block connects ESP8266 module connected to evive to the WiFi. The user has to specify the WiFi name and password in the block.
connect to ThingSpeakThe block connects to the Thingspeak Channel using Channel ID, read API and write API. The user has to specify the channel ID, read API and write API.
send data to cloudThe block sends input data to the specified read API. This data is always Field 1 for the channel.
send multiple data to cloud blockThe block sends multiple data (upto 8 fields) to the Thingspeak channel.
get data from ThingspeakThe block gets all 8 field values from the Thingspeak channel and stores in the internal variable.
read data from FeildThe block reports the selected field data from Thingspeak channel.
get weather data for locationThe block gets the weather data of the specified location (using latitude and longitude) and stores in the internal variables.
get data 1The block reports the weather data specified in the input: latitude, longitude, temperature in C, temperature in F, humidity, visibility, wind speed, wind direction, and clouds.
get data 2The block reports the weather data specified in the input: weather, weather description, country code, city name, date of captured data, sunrise time and sunset time.
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