Lighting Extension

Lightning Extension

Lighting Extension enables you to manipulate colours of an RGB LED strip.


initialise RGB stripThe block initializes the RGB LED strip to the selected digital pin. The user also has to specify the number of LED pixels in the RGB LED. The user can initialize up to 5 LED strips at a time.
set RGB strip pixelThe block sets the selected RGB LED strip's pixel (specified in the block) to a color selected from the color picker.
show RGB stripThe block refreshes the LED state once all the pixel's color has been specified. The color of the strip will not change until you execute this block.
Pattern 1The block executes two patterns on the selected RGB Strip: Color Wipe and Theater Chase, of the specified color (from the color picker) and delay.
Pattern 2The block executes three patterns on the selected RGB Strip: Rainbow, Rainbow Cycle and Theater Chase Rainbow.

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