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tactile switch () pressed?

tactile switch pressed

tactile switch () pressed? is an evive block and a boolean block. evive has two tactile switches; this block checks if either of them is pressed. The switch whose state you want to check can be chosen from the drop-down menu on this block. It returns “true” if the switch is pressed and “false” if the switch is not pressed.

evive Tactile Switch Pushbuttons

evive Notes Icon
Note: This block is available in both Upload mode and Stage mode.


  1. Rotating the sprite if the tactile switch 1 is pressed.
    tactile switch example
  2. The example below checks which one of tactile switches 1 or 2 is pressed and changes the screen color using the fill screen with () color block. If no switch is pressed, the screen remains black.
    tactile switch example 2
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