Gripper Control
Lesson Details
What is a gripper? How to use a gripper to automate tasks such as picking and placing objects?


  • Making a gripper using acrylic parts, a servo motor, and evive, and programming it in PictoBlox.
Classroom Bundle Used: STEM Classroom Bundle, STEM Mini Classroom Bundle
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Lesson Overview

Students will make a gripper using acrylic parts, a servo motor & evive, and program it using PictoBlox. 

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

Lesson Outline

What is gripper? - 10 minutes
Assembling a gripper - 20 minutes
Controlling a gripper using evive Menu - 10 minutes
Programming the gripper - 20 minutes
  • Make a script which will open the gripper only when the SPACE key is pressed, otherwise close the gripper.

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