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Lesson Overview

Students will learn the following things:

  • Game Theory – Key elements of a game:
    • Animation
    • Randomness
    • Score
    • Time Constraint
  • How to interface a joystick module with evive and get its reading in PictoBlox using analog pins.
  • Students will make Shoot the Bat game, in which you must aim at the bat, appearing randomly anywhere on the screen, using a Joystick.

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

Lesson Outline

Introduction - 20 minutes
  • Key elements of a game:
    • Animation
    • Randomness
    • Score
    • Time Constraint
  • Demonstration of the game.
  • Elements of the Game:
    • Bat
    • Aim Sprite
Setting up the Scene - 10 minutes
  • Add backdrop and Bat sprite to the stage.
Bat Animation - 10 minutes
Bat Birth, Movement, and Death Script - 20 minutes
  • Make a script for the Bat by which a new bat will spawn, move to a random position and then decrease the size (or death). 
Controlling the Aim Sprite - 30 minutes
  • Add the Aim sprite to the stage.
  • Connect the joystick with evive.
  • Write the script to control the position of the Aim sprite using the tick.
Scoring Script - 10 minutes
Timer Script - 10 minutes
Playing the Game - 10 minutes

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