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evive – Plug and Play: Part 1

In this tutorial, we are going to give you a hands-on experience of evive’s plug and play interface through activities for controlling a DC motor, a servo motor, understanding the inbuilt touch sensors of evive.

How to use evive’s Capacitive Touch Inputs

This tutorial discusses what are capacitive touch sensors, evive's capacitive touch input, and how to control the touch sensors in evive, with the help of an Arduino IDE sketch.


channel touched

channel () touched?

evive Inbuilt tools. evive have 12 capacitive touch inputs, where you can sense if the pin is touched or not. If the specified channel is touched, the block returns “True”, else it returns false.

Capacitive Touch

Introduction evive has 12 touch inputs, which are interfaced via the MPR121 chip using SPI…