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Plant Monitoring System

This project demonstrates how to track parameters like moisture of the soil, sunlight, humidity, and temperature of the plant environment and display it on evive display.


ultrasonic sensor working

Interfacing HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor with evive

In this tutorial we will interface HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor with evive and we will calculate distance between ultrasonic sensor and obstacle form which ultrasound waves are reflected
IR sensor Tutorial

What is an IR Sensor

Learn all about an IR sensor, from what is an IR sensor, how to interface it with evive using PictoBlox, and the projects we can make using it.

How to use evive’s Slide Switch

This tutorial discusses different types of switches based on their pole and throw, what are slide switches, and a simple Arduino IDE sketch to display the state of evive's slide switch on the TFT screen.

How to use a Tactile Switch with evive

This tutorial discusses what are switches, types of switches, pull-up and pull-down resistors, and how to control the pin 13 LED on evive using a tactile switch with the help of an Arduino IDE sketch.
evive Digital Input

How to use evive Digital Pins as Input Pins

This tutorial discusses how to configure the digital pins in evive as INPUT in Arduino IDE, with the help of a simple example using evive's tactile switch.


read digital sensor

read digital sensor () at ()

The block reports the digital state of the digital sensor, connected to the selected digital pin.
set digital pin output as

set digital pin () output as ()

The block sets the digital state of the specified digital pin to either “High” or “Low”. If the output is High, the pin will be at 5V and if the output is Low the pin will be at 0V.
read state of digital pin

read state of digital pin ()

The block reads the state of the digital pin on evive (“High” or “Low”). If the state of the pin is “High”, it returns True, else False.

Digital Input/Output Pins

Introduction Under the Magic Lid of evive, there are 28 Digital 5V Input and Output…