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DIY Paper Circuit

This project will show you how to make a DIY Paper Circuit through one of its applications - making a Solar System.


Blink with Firmware on evive

This tutorial explains how we can access evive firmware even when some other code is running on evive.
ldr circuit

How to interface LDR sensor with evive ?

The tutorial will shows how to interface ldr sensor with evive and controlling the led state using the sensor.How does ldr sensor works? How to control lights using ldr sensor? All the answers are given in this tutorial.Let's begin...
evive Analog Write

What is LED (Light Emitting Diode)?

Learn all about LEDs (light emitting diodes): how do LEDs work, interfacing an LED with evive using PictoBlox and projects you can make using LEDs.
evive 3.3V Input Output

How to interface 3.3V Digital I/O

This tutorial discusses the use of bidirectional logic shifter as 3.3V digital input and output with the help of an Arduino IDE sketch.


evive non-programmable LED

Programmable LEDs

Introduction evive has 1 single-color and 2 dual-color programmable LEDs, along with fix LEDs for…