How to control Pin 13 LED using Smartphone via Bluetooth

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In this tutorial you will be turning on and off led Pin-13 of evive via smartphone.
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Components Required

ImageComponentQuantityAvailable in Kit
HC05 Bluetooth Module1
USB A-B Cable1


In this tutorial you will be turning on and off the led Pin-13 on evive via smartphone. For this smartphone will be connected to bluetooth module Hc-05 plugged on evive. Commands for controlling led will be sent by smartphone via app named “Serial Bluetooth Terminal” for Android. This app transmits the command entered in it to Hc-05 via bluetooth of smartphone. The app can be downloaded from google play store. Before using app at first pair the bluetooth with your smartphone. Further instruction for using app can be seen by clicking on video

The password for HC-05/HM-10/AT-09 Bluetooth module is either 1234 or 0000 or 123456 or 00000 by default.

Working of Code

  • Whatever data is received by Hc-05 is stored at first.
  • This stored value is compared with character ‘H’ and ‘L’.
  • If stored value is ‘H’ led turns on.
  • If stored value is ‘L’ led turns off.

Arduino IDE Sketch

Below is the Arduino IDE sketch:

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