How to Record Video in PictoBlox

how to record video in pictoblox
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This tutorial shows you how to record video and take Snapshot into PictoBlox using it’s inbuilt recorder and from where can you access the files.
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This tutorial shows you how to record the video or capture images using PictoBlox’s inbuilt screen recorder.

Advantage of Screen Record feature in PictoBlox over Scratch

Many of you have always and always wanted to record the screen or your output in Scratch, here PictoBlox has made that easy for you. Now you do not have to hold your phone and record the screen using it. You can simply follow the steps below to record your output in PictoBlox.

Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open PictoBlox and complete writing your script into the scripting area.
  2. Now that, you’ve written the script it’s time to move on to the result. Maximize the stage using the maximize button.MAximize button
  3. Click on the green flag and your code will start flag
  4. Now to record the output, you need to click on the Start Video Recording(circle) button on the top of the stage.Video REcord Controls
  5. As soon as you’ll start recording the button will turn to the square. The inbuilt recorder in PictoBlox simply records your Stage. 
  6. You can see the duration of the recording from the timer here. Recording Time
  7. Click on the Stop Video Recording(square) button to stop recording and you will see a message “Recording saved successfully”.Stop Recording
  8. You can even take the snapshot of the stage using the Take Snapshot button.Capture Control

Once that you’ve taken the snapshot or the recording of the stage, you can access the files directly from by clicking on the Open Gallery button.Open Gallery Control

That’s how you record video in to record video in pictoblox

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