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10 Best Teacher Tools Online for Teachers to Teach Students from Home

Teacher Tools Online
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We know how teachers try their best to use every minute of the class effectively on a regular school day. But the pandemic has taken over almost everything regular that we had and now, teachers are fishing for ways to revive their classroom time with the schools adjourned. To make their search easier, we have put together a few online teaching resources that connect them to their students and provide them with myriad means to keep up with teaching. Here, we have tried picking up from the many teacher tools online the ones which will help teachers not only actively interact with students but also employ interesting educational content to fuel students’ enthusiasm to learn. If you too are seeking a smooth teach-from-home experience, do make a note of the following online teaching resources.

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  1. Teaching Resources from Google

    Online Teaching Resources - Google

    Google has a remarkable range of the most advanced learning platforms, applications, courses, lesson plans, and other teacher tools online. These tools have been created to ‘inspire creativity, encourage hands-on learning, and equip your students with digital skills’. Google Classroom, an application that helps teachers teach online classes, exchange ideas, and organize assignments, has been acting as a savior for most schools and universities through the lockdown. Besides this, Google’s educational resources enable effective distance learning through Google Meet, Slides, CS First, Blocks, Canvas, Chromebook App Hub, and many other resources.

  2. BrainPop

    Online Teaching Resources - BrainPop

    BrainPop offers useful and relevant content to be taught in all subject areas for classes from kindergarten to grade 8 in the form of engaging movies, tutorials, quizzes, and games covering important concepts. They make it further easier to teach from home with their carefully compiled pacing guides and lesson plans. Subscribe and make the most of these online teaching resources.

  3. Generation Genius

    Teacher Tools Online

    If we are talking about science, Generation Genius is one of the best teacher tools online. It is a fun-filled route to science learning with interesting videos, experiments, games, and other exciting activities along the way. These are all sorted according to grades K-8 and can assist while you teach online classes.

  4. Arizona Science Centre’s Online Teaching Resources

    Teach from Home

    Another excellent resource to teach science online, this one is all about approaching learning the STEM way. Its collection of teaching tools include unique resources like material from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. on coastal and marine ecosystems, ‘National Park Classroom for Educators’ to teach environmental science in the most practical way, ‘NASA STEM Engagement’ with material produced through NASA’s mission directorates, and much more.

  5. Britannica

    Teacher Tools Online

    In light of the pandemic, Britannica Digital Learning is offering free teacher tools online to make it easier for educators around the globe to teach from home. Its collection of educational content covers social studies and science topics for students of K-12. It allows teachers to conduct online classes and also measure student’s understanding and progress through various means.

  6. Common Sense Media

    Teacher tools online

    Common Sense is a leading source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. It provides assistance while navigating through educational digital content and can be of massive aid to teachers during this period of distance learning. Its various online teaching resources provide teachers with constructive tips and training on selecting the right education media and content, a free curriculum, and expert teaching advice. Their idea of teaching kids online is directed towards their ‘digital well-being’.

  7. Free Math App

    Online teaching resources

    Out of the many teacher tools online, the Free Math App offers one of the most systematic ways to teach math. It has simplified the process with its Free Math document which allows students to copy down and work through problems just as they would in paper notebooks. Its features which allow teachers to assess multiple assignments simultaneously and keep a check on student progress through automatically generated analytics lead to a trouble-free teach-from-home experience.

  8. San Diego Zoo Kids

    Teach from home

    Take your students on a virtual safari and create a fun learning experience with San Diego Zoo Kids. An edutainment platform, it allows kids to explore the jungle and learn about its inhabitants through videos, games, and various other activities. It is not only an entertaining way to teach online classes but is also one of the most informative online teaching resources with reference to the animal kingdom.

  9. News-O-Matic

    Teach from home

    One of the most engaging news sources for kids, News-O-Matic aims at making today’s kids well-informed citizens of tomorrow by extending online teaching resources that develop the habit of news-reading in them. It sends a valuable bunch of news articles every day which you can ask your students to go through so that they remain updated with what’s happening around the world in the simplest, safest, and most appropriate manner.

  10. Teach from Home with STEMpedia

    Teacher Tools OnlineSTEMpedia provides you with some of the best teacher tools online with its wide range of online courses, tutorials, DIY projects, and other fun activities. With the principles of STEM learning at its core, it creates a space where students can play and learn. Its tutorial hub is full of lessons and projects which allow you to teach the basics of science, technology, engineering, and math in such a way that maximizes student involvement. Other online teaching resources which focus on hands-on learning of students include PictoBlox – one of the finest software to teach coding to beginners given its easy-to-understand scratch based block programming method and exciting assignments to test students, and Dabble – a cool learning application which will make you and your students feel at school. This application is enough to turn your smartphone into a classroom with the various projects, experiments, and educational games that it treasures.

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In a Nutshell

The internet has made it pretty simple to stay on track with academics for both teachers and students. Whether it is about platforms to teach online classes, finding age-appropriate content, inducing fun in learning, or assigning tasks to students, the digital world is full of solutions with hundreds of online teaching resources. So, don’t get knocked down by the lockdown and let the teaching continue.

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