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Class 6 Books for Coding AI and Robotics Education

Explore our comprehensive range of Class 6 books designed for modern computer education. Featuring CBSE, ICSE, and International syllabi, our books cover Coding, AI, Robotics, VR, and AR Development. With detailed chapters, lab activities, and an engaging approach, Skillful Minds, Digital Wizards, and Tech Tinkerer books provide an updated curriculum for young learners. Perfect for enhancing computer labs and fostering skill development in AI and Robotics.

  • Skillful Minds
  • Digital Wizards
  • Tech Tinkerer
  • Interactive Coding, AI and Robotics
Class 6 Books
Education Board CBSE CBSE ICSE CBSE, ICSE, International Schools, IB
Book Description Skillful Mind offers an upgraded computer curriculum for CBSE Schools, incorporating coding skill subject, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics, essential for modern education. Digital Wizards enhances traditional computer education by integrating CBSE coding skill subject, Python and Artificial Intelligence into the existing curriculum. Tech Tinkerer is crafted for ICSE Schools, aimed at modernising computer labs with education in ICT, coding, AI, HTML and robotics. The book emphasises experiential learning for students in the areas of Coding, AI, and Robotics, presenting the material in an engaging and enjoyable way.
Computer Education
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality (VR) Development
AR Development
Web Design with HTML
Total Pages 161 157 154 90
Number of Chapters 12 12 10 5
Lab Activities 25 Activities 25 Activities 25 Activities 25 Activities
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Explore our educational books on Computer Science, Coding, AI, and Robotics designed for students in class 1 to 12. Discover the latest technology trends in an approachable way with our expertly crafted collection of books. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our books will help you learn and grow.

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