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Class 10 Books for Coding AI and Robotics Education

Explore our range of Class 10 textbooks for AI and Robotics, tailored for CBSE (Code 417) and ICSE (Code 66) curriculums. Dive into practical Python coding, AI, data science, VR development, and machine learning. Our books, enriched with lab activities and projects, are designed to sharpen analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing students for a future in technology. Available now for purchase.

  • Artificial Intelligence (Code 417)
  • Robotics and AI
  • AI and Robotics with Python
Class 10 Books
Education Board CBSE - Subject Code 417 (Artificial Intelligence) ICSE - Subject Code 66 (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence) CBSE, ICSE, International Schools, IB
Book Description Discover the future of technology with our Class 10 AI textbook, aligned with CBSE Code 417. It provides a mix of theory and practical skills in AI, Python, and machine learning. Designed to enhance analytical thinking and problem-solving, it includes lab activities, projects, and comprehensive insights into AI ethics, data science, computer vision, and NLP. Prepare for a tech-forward future and become an AI expert with this key educational tool. Discover Robotics and AI with the Class 10 ICSE curriculum book (Code 66). This comprehensive guide offers hands-on learning in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Python Programming. The book is structured into four parts, encompassing theoretical knowledge, practical lab activities using PictoBlox and Quarky, and project-based learning. This educational book features hands-on, experiential learning, enriching students' skills in Python Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality development, and Robotics. It adeptly combines theory with engaging, practical activities, fostering a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.
Employbility Skills
Python Coding
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Virtual Reality (VR) Development
Machine Learning
Total Pages 266 233 100
Number of Chapters 12 9 5
Lab Activities 30 Activities 40 Activities 25 Activities
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