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Class 9 Books for Coding AI and Robotics Education

Discover our Class 9 educational books, tailored for both CBSE (Subject Code 417) and ICSE (Code 66) boards. These books delve into Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Python Programming, and Machine Learning, offering a blend of theory and practical learning. Engage with interactive lab activities and project work to prepare for a technology-centric future. Ideal for students seeking to excel in modern tech skills and gain a competitive edge.

  • Artificial Intelligence (Code 417)
  • Robotics and AI
  • AI and Robotics with Python
Class 9 Books
Education Board CBSE - Subject Code 417 (Artificial Intelligence) ICSE - Subject Code 66 (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence) CBSE, ICSE, International Schools, IB
Book Description Explore the CBSE Class 9 AI Book (Subject Code 417) for a tech-forward education. It melds theory with practice, offering deep insights into Artificial Intelligence, Python programming, and machine learning, preparing students for a technology-driven future. Aligned with CBSE skill subject 417. Embark on a tech journey with ‘Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Code 66)’, a Class 9 textbook for ICSE students. Explore essential concepts in Robotics, AI, Machine Learning, and Python programming through interactive lab activities and project work. This book is your gateway to mastering cutting-edge technologies and skills. Aligned with ICSE. This educational book features hands-on, experiential learning, enriching students' skills in Python Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality development, and Robotics. It adeptly combines theory with engaging, practical activities, fostering a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment.
Employbility Skills
Python Coding
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality (VR) Development
Machine Learning
Total Pages 243 223 100
Number of Chapters 9 7 5
Lab Activities 30 Activities 30 Activities 25 Activities
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