Quarky Ultimate Kit



The BEST AI & Robotics Companion for Kids with complete hands-on experience to learn AI, Robotics & Coding with 10+ robotics configurations and 50+ projects.

  • AI and Robotics Made Superfun
  • 10+ Robotics Configurations with 50+ Projects: Experience the complete project-making lifecycle with construction, programming, and debugging.
  • Interactive Self-learning Online Courses: Enhance your learning experience with versatile online courses offered with Quarky Kit for free!
  • Coding Made Easy: Learn coding with Bock or Python programming with PictoBlox – an ideal learning software for the first steps into coding.
  • 21st-Century Skills: Inculcate important 21st-century skills such as creative thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking, and innovativeness.

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Empowering Kids with the Right Future Skills

Coding - Graphical & Python

Children coding with PictoBlox blocks, exploring facial recognition

Artificial Intelligence


Quarky Robot with self-driving technology identifying a stop sign

Self Driving Techology

Interactive AI

Quarky Pick-and-place robot with QR code on top

Localization and Automation

What's Inside the Kit?

1 x Quarky Robot

1 x Blue Arena

1 x Green Arena

1 x Getting Started + Safety Guide

10 x AI Recognition Cards

8 x Robot Face Cutouts

1 x QR Code Sticker + Wood

1 x USB C Cable

2 x Plastic Box

2 x Servo Motor

1 x Battery

1 x Ultrasonic Sensor

2 x Motor

2 x Wheel

2 x Motor Mount

10 x Spacers

4 Pin Jumper Cable

1 x Screwdriver

2 x Motor Connector

1 x Purple Plastic Set

1 x Green Plastic Set

1 x Blue Plastic Set

1 x Wooden Box

1 x Fastener Set

10+ Possible Robotics Configurations!

Simple Horizontal Robot

Simple Vertical Robot

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Edge Detector Robot

Gripper Robot

Vertical Four Wheel Drive Robot

Horizontal Steering Robot

Vertical Steering Robot

Gripper Robot with QR Code

Vertical Pick and Place Robot

Horizontal Pick and Place Robot

Pick and Place Robot with QR Code

Courses for Block Coding

Our self-learning AI and Robotics online course with Block Coding is the perfect way for beginners to become experts in this field! Block Coding helps students learn the fundamentals of coding, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills so that they can focus on coding their robotics projects without getting bogged down in the technicalities of Python codes. With our course, anyone can easily become an expert in AI and Robotics!

Learn AI with Quarky

Learn the basics of Physical Computing and Artificial Intelligence to make real life projects like waste detector, face locker, smart lamp and much more with block based coding!

AI & Robotics - Level 1

Learn the basics of Robotics, AI & Machine Learning to make real life projects like line follower, AI delivery car, AI assistant robot, self driving robot and much more with block based coding!

AI & Robotics - Level 2​

Learn the concepts of sensors, actuators, and AI to make real life projects like obstacle avoidance robot, automated parking robot, pick and place robot and much more with block based coding!

AI & Robotics - Level 3

Learn the advance concepts of robotics and automation using AI to make real life projects like intrusion detector, QR based robot localization and much more with block based coding!

Courses for Python Coding

For budding coders or those looking to build on their block-based coding knowledge, these course provides the opportunity to master AI and robotics using Python. Gain an understanding of how to wield the hardware, AI, and ML libraries necessary to truly tap into the revolutionary power of this programming language!

Learn AI with Quarky

AI & Robotics - Level 1

AI & Robotics - Level 2​

AI & Robotics - Level 3

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FAQs on Quarky Kits

We’ve ensured that we use high-quality materials while building Quarky. So the chances of it getting damaged are significantly less, but we’ve also provided a six-month warranty against manufacturer defects for the mainboard and a six-month warranty for the battery.

If you receive a defective piece, either our local distributors or our supply-chain team would reach out and arrange the exchange for you.

For coding Quarky, you’ve to use our platform named “PictoBlox.” It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, and iOS. PictoBlox App is also available on Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users So, you can code and control your robots using any device you like, anytime and anywhere you want.

No, Quarky is an intuitive learning tool that is suitable for both novice and experienced coders. It is programmed using a graphical programming platform named PictoBlox which allows you to build your project by using Scratch as well as Python. In addition, the interactive graphical programming interface adds fun to the learning and makes the whole experience even more immersive.

Quarky comes with free online self-paced courses that teach complex concepts through fun and interactive DIY activities. We also provide a Get-Start booklet with the kits.