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Agilo Research, a start-up challenging the existing way in which STEM education is imparted to young minds, was founded by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who dreamt of enabling young minds to innovate and create by providing them with world-class technology and learning resources.

To realise this dream, the team launched STEMpedia, a one-stop solution for nurturing innovators of tomorrow, by enabling young minds to learn-by-doing in STEM, thereby helping them develop creativity, curiosity, innovativeness, and problem-solving skills – the must-have 21st century skills. STEMpedia’s offerings are an intelligently crafted amalgamation of technology and learning resources, consisting of:

  1. Futuristic Hardware
  2. Edutaining DIY Kits
  3. Graphical Programming Software
  4. Project-Making Mobile Application
  5. Free Learning Resources
  6. Premium Online Courses
  7. A Global STEM Community

STEMpedia has received support and recognition from various entities such as India Innovation Growth Programme 2.0 (a Lockheed Martin & DST-GoI initiative), Startup India (a GoI initiative), Startup Nexus (a University of Texas at Austin & American Embassy initiative), Social Accelerator – CIIE (an IIM Ahmedabad initiative), Industries Commissionerate Grant (a Government of Gujarat initiative) and 10000 Startups (a NASSCOM initiative). It has also been a key player in setting up Atal Tinkering Labs across the nation by providing world-class equipment, training and technology support (Atal Tinkering Labs is an initiative by National Institution for Transforming India aka NITI Aayog- the policy think tank of the Government of India).

STEMpedia has changed the learning landscape in over 50 schools in India and for thousands of customers over 40 countries. It continues to provide its services to students, educators, tinkering labs, schools and other such institutions

The STEMpedia Starter Package is an all-in-one DIYing package that consists of everything one needs to set foot into the world of DIYing, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Hardware that is easy to work with: The first part of the Package is the evive Starter Kit. It consists of evive – an all-in-one prototyping platform with a plug-and-play interface that makes DIYing child’s play – and 380+ mechanical and electronic components for making over 100 interesting projects. What’s so special about evive? It has already been widely accepted for its ease of use by thousands of customers across 40+ countries, has replaced LEGO in many STEM training centers across India, and has been supplied to over 50 schools under a Government of India program.
  2. Software to define actions: The second part is PictoBlox, a Scratch 3.0-based graphical programming platform that makes coding simple and fun thus helping develop problem-solving skills without worrying about anything else.
  3. App to control projects and give them flexibility: Dabble, our ingeniously-developed project-making mobile application is exactly that! It transforms any Smartphone into an I/O device, lets one control and communicate with the hardware wirelessly, and provides access to Smartphone features and sensor data for their projects.
  4. Learning resources that help learn the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’: The fourth part is ‘The STEM Safari’, a set of three online courses on electronics, programming, and robotics, which cover the essence of these three and include quizzes, periodic assessment, certification etc.

If you want to go into deep dive of the product, you can check this document (link here), where we answer the following questions: 

  1. What problems is STEMpedia solving with this product?
  2. Uniqueness – What separates STEMpedia from its competitors? Why will the customers only work with STEMpedia?
  3. What are the features of the product, their functions and value for the user?
  4. What items consist of our product offering in the campaign?

  5. What are the add-on kits?

  6. What is the story behind the product?
  7. How do you use the product? How does it work – step by step?
  8. What are the components in evive Starter Kit?

  9. What’s inside the Online Coursework – The STEM Safari?


STEMpedia Starter Package – evive Starter Kit | Project Making App | Pictoblox | Online Courses

evive Starter Kit Components – evive | Mechanical & Electronics Components | Book

evive| All in one electronics prototyping platform

Child working on Pictoblox | Drag and drop programming platform

Controlling robot using Dabble | Project making app

Child making LED circuit while learning through online course – STEM Safari

Child making a robot using book

Child and Robot | Best Friends 🙂

Parent guiding girl to make the circuit of the Obstacle Avoiding Robot

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STEMpedia Rocket

Dhrupal R Shah
Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer

Abhishek Sharma
Co-founder | Chief Visionary Officer

Pankaj Kumar Verma
Co-founder | Chief Technology Officer

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