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PictoBlox Link

Connect with evive, Quarky, ESP 32, Micro:bit, and Arduino boards to PictoBlox on Bluetooth!

Download PictoBlox Link

Choose the device PictoBlox is working in and install it!
(Windows 10 version 1709+ | macOS 10.13+)
Note: PictoBlox Link is required for installable version only. It is not required for using PictoBlox ( in browsers like Google Chrome.

Connect Board to PictoBlox with Bluetooth


Start PictoBlox Link and make sure it is running. It should appear in your toolbar.


Open PictoBlox and select the appropriate Board for the project from the menu-bar


Click on Connect and select Bluetooth Ports. List of available devices will appear. Click on Connect.


Once connected, you will get success message! Start making cool projects using Stage Mode in PictoBlox.

How to Install PictoBlox Link?

Step-by-step guide to understand how to get started with PictoBlox Link.

Note 1: PictoBlox Link only works in STAGE MODE (in real-time) in PictoBlox. You will have to upload Firmware to the board to communicate/control it from PictoBlox (It is required to upload Firmware only one time or if you come back from UPLOAD MODE to STAGE MODE). The Firmware continuously keep communicating with the PictoBlox over Bluetooth to the Board to ensure real-time activity monitoring at both ends.

Note 2: Arduino boards like Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, and Arduino Nano, you will need Bluetooth Modules like HM-10 or AT-09 (We do not suggest using HC-05 module).

Note 3: Running PictoBlox Link on Computer without inbuilt Bluetooth: To connect DIY Electronics Hardware or robots (Quarky, evive, or Arduino) in the PC Computer without in-built Bluetooth [Windows] for running STEM and Robotics programs, you can use PictoBlox Link using a TP-Link Bluetooth 4.0 dongles (MODEL number: UB4A or U400).

For any issues with PictoBlox Link communication with Quarky, evive, Arduino, ESP32, Micro:bit or Lego, please contact us at

Are you facing problems using PictoBlox Link?

Here is the link for PictoBlox troubleshooting page. Please contact us at if you face any issuess.