ATL P3 Component List

Atal Tinkering Lab Package 3 contains components for Electronics and Mechanical Prototyping.
Mini Hacksaw Frame

1 x Stanley Hacksaw Junior

Hacksaw Blade

10 x Hacksaw Blades


1 x Stanley Mini Hacksaw Frame

Hacksaw Blade

10 x Mini Hacksaw Blades

External Straight Nose plier

1 x Stanley Nose Circle Plier

Nose Circle Plier

1 x Stanley Long Nose Plier

Combination Mini Plier

1 x Combination Mini Plier

Wire stripping pliers

1 x Stanley Wire Stipping Plier

Bent nose plier

1 x Stanley Bent Nose Plier

Needle nose pliers

1 x Stanley Needle Nose Plier

Tweezer Set

1 x Tweezer Set

Ball Pen Hammer

1 x Stanley Ball Pen Hammer

Steel Shaft Claw Hammer

1 x Stanley Steel Shaft Claw Hammer

C Clamp

4 x Stanley C Clamps

Allen Key set

1 x Stanley Allen Key Set


1 x Drill Machine Set

meakida drill stand ATL

1 x Drill Workstation

Stanley 70-964E

1 x Stanley Spanner Set 12 Pieces


1 x Table Top Vice

Precision Screw Driver Set 6 Piece Precision

1 x Stanley Precision Screw Driver Set 6 Pieces

stanley STMT74893-8

1 x Stanley Adjustable Universal Multi Wrench Spanner

Wire stripping pliers

1 x Stanley Wire Stripper Cutter Plier With Spring

Multipurpose Screwdriver

1 x Stanley Multipurpose Screwdriver


1 x Black & Decker Cordless Drill with 2 Battery Pack

Air Pump cleaner Dust Blower ATL

1 x Rubber Air Pump Cleaner Dust Blower

File Set- 6 Inches

1 x Stanley File Set 6 Inches

Cutting Mat

1 x Flexible Cutting Mat (18″  x 12″)

Plastic Tool Box with Organizer

2 x Plastic Tool Box with Organizer


2 x Peg board System to Mount Tools on Wall (Plastic)

Hot glue gun

1 x Stanley Hot glue gun

Digital Oscilloscope

1 x Digital Oscilloscope

Soldering Iron

4 x Soldering Iron Temperature: 280°C to 450°C

De-Soldering Pump, Soldering Flux (Paste) ,DE-soldering Copper Braid

4 x De-Soldering Pump, Soldering Flux (Paste) ,DE-soldering Copper Braid

Compatible Soldering Tip- Bevel, chisel, conical - 5 each per kit

4 x Compatible Soldering Tip- Bevel, Chisel, Conical – 5 each per kit

Soldering Wire 2022 AWG soldering Wire with rosin core flux (100 Grams)

4 x Soldering Wire: 20/22 AWG soldering Wire with Rosin Core Flux (100 Grams)

DC power Adapter with 5V,

10 x DC power Adapter with 5V

Power Adapter

10 x DC power Adapter with 12V

Black & decker A7073

1 x Black & Decker Electric Screw Driver Set

Black & decker KX1800-B1

1 x Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Soldering Helping hand ATL

4 x Stanley Soldering Helping hand

Stanley STHT36127-812

2 x Stanley Measuring tape

Stainless Steel 12” 150 mm Rule

5 x Stainless Steel 12” / 150 mm Rule

Digital Vernier Caliper

2 x 150 mm / 6” Digital Vernier Caliper

Stanley STHT43118-812

1 x Stanley Spirit Level

Digital Multimeter ATL

5 x Digital Multi Meter (Mastech/Unit D)

foldscope png

5 x DIY Paper Microscope


1 x Telescope

Swing Machine

1 x Generic/Singer Sewing Machine

*Items image is for reference, it may change while delivery.

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