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AI for Kids: Advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Kids

advantages of artificial intelligence for kids
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Rightly known as the skill of the century, artificial intelligence empowers mankind to create intelligent machines and systems, which perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. It has truly become a part of our daily lives, so much so that it feels quite normal when a device plays games with us or understands our natural language. The advantages of artificial intelligence have made a growing number of companies to use the technology to improve their products and services, evaluate their business models, and enhance their decision-making process. We are all aware of the role of AI in chess-playing computers or self-driving cars but the benefits of AI are not limited to the computer and space-related industries. It also plays a significant role in industries that are directly related to our everyday lives, like healthcare, automobile, and even banking and finance. Today, it can work its magic on almost any industry, bringing in various unimaginable upgrades to these areas.

The weaving in of AI so intricately with the way the world functions and the possibilities of more AI applications mushrooming in the future only increase the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning for kids. Let’s have a deeper look at how these particulars will lead to the overall development of your kids and equip them to perform effectively in the world of tomorrow.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Kids

  1. Better Career Opportunities

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    The assumption that there will be millions of jobs created in the domain of AI in the next decade massively adds to the importance of artificial intelligence for kids and gives a sensible reason why they should be introduced to it. Even today, AI is directly or indirectly used by a multitude of areas of production and services and the number of domains will be increasing with each day creating jobs in every sector. AI applications are so vast that your child will be fascinated with its usage in the field that interests them and the know-how of these applications will help them proceed constructively in it.

    An awareness of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for kids will not only give them job security but it will also land them with the highest paying profession in today’s world. According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), Artificial Intelligence can create almost 58 million jobs in the next few years. Also, there are estimates that the AI market will contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Thus, the most pragmatic reason for teaching kids about A.I. is its direct congruence with their employability and career success.

  2. Exposure to Coding

    Kids Coding LanguagesOne of the most valuable advantages of artificial intelligence for kids is that it exposes them to coding, a skill much in demand these days. Experts are of the view that job aspirants with the requisite coding knowledge will be soon far ahead of their non-technical counterparts. The side benefits of learning to code are enhancement of the learner’s approach towards problem-solving, mathematical reasoning, and improvement in logic formation, all of which can be useful in their daily lives even if they choose not to be a programmer.

    Undirected coding is boring and children lose interest after a while but AI presents a real-life problem in front of them making it more engaging and helps them learn coding with a different idea. Thus, coding done with AI applications in mind will not only help them think of a new problem but also make them the creator of the solution rather than a mere consumer.

  3. Promotes Data Fluency

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    The 21st century is driven by data. Exposing children to big data from an early age and helps them understand how to collect, examine, and analyze data sets will make them familiar with processes that form the basis of the digital world. Here comes the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learning about these technologies takes kids through the world of data which is not only transforming the IT world but its applications are giving better and promising results in the healthcare and fitness industry also. Analyzing data, one of the abilities that come as advantages of artificial intelligence will help children visualize and create business opportunities later even if they don’t see themselves as data scientists or analysts.
  4. Lets Them Contribute to the Society

    importance of artificial intelligence

    AI applications are also helping governments function better by showing them beforehand predictions of any natural calamity and providing time for preparing for necessities. AI has also made its way into many government schemes. Understanding the importance of AI in various areas of development, on 30th May 2020, the Government of India with the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) announced National Artificial Intelligence Portal which will be a one-stop portal for all the AI projects in the country. We suggest that to enjoy the benefits of AI and ride the wave of such progressive opportunities, kids should invest in learning its concepts.
  5. Boosts Imagination

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    Skills learned at a young age will expand greatly by the time they are to be applied. It is interesting that the imaginative and learning abilities of children are quite immense at a young age. Thus, the advantages of artificial intelligence and ML for kids can be realized effectively if the subjects are introduced during this time. It will help widen their horizons and later on lead them to become a technology innovator. Moreover, as AI is still a growing field and there is still a lot to be explored and learned in this domain, their interaction with AI applications can inspire them to innovate a distinctive and interesting solution to a simple problem that can even bring them global recognition.
  6. Enhances Problem-Solving Ability

    importance of artificial intelligence

    Among the many benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning is enhanced problem-solving ability. Once your child is well-versed with the basics of these branches of science, they will have a different approach to addressing a problem. Every problem will increase their curiosity and enhance their problem-solving ability.

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In a Nutshell

Thriving in a utopian fusion of the human brain and machine capabilities, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the next big realms to learn and work in. With an understanding of these technology facets, kids can process it to create wonders. Their learning will not only be limited to the advantages of artificial intelligence but will dive through its deep potential to bring positive change.

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