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CBSE Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival (NGF) 2023

Students Developing Their Coding Skills
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Our education system must evolve and stay relevant in today’s rapidly advancing technological era. Recognizing this need, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is endorsing the cause of skill education, aiming to equip students for the demands of the modern world. The educational board is bridging the theoretical and practical educational gap with skill development lessons and sessions. CBSE’s initiatives, such as the Skill Expo and National Guidance Festival (NGF), represent a holistic approach to 21st-century education. This effort ensures that students are academically proficient, skilled, tech-savvy, and ready to face the challenges of the digital age head-on.

CBSE’s Initiative to Extend Beyond Traditional Learning

Teacher Explaining the working mechanism of robot

As announced in their recent notification (Ref. No.
CBSE/SE/DS(SP)/2023, dated 11.10.2023), the Skill Expo and NGF 2023 indicate CBSE’s commitment to skill-based education. These regional events, scheduled across various cities, including Chennai, Bangalore, Guwahati, and Dehradun offer students and educators a platform to explore, learn, and exchange knowledge about the latest skill development.

But how do students translate this knowledge into practice? Here are some key ways in which the CBSE’s initiative helps bridge this gap:

  • Hands-On Experience: The Skill Expo offers hands-on experience with various skills and technologies. This practical exposure allows students to understand the real-world application of their learning.
  • Career Guidance: The NGF includes sessions on career planning and prospects. These discussions help students align their skills with their career aspirations.
  • Networking Opportunities: Interaction with industry experts and peers gives students insights into different fields, helping them make informed decisions about their future.
  • Encouraging Innovation and Creativity: By exposing students to a range of skills and ideas, the expo and festival encourage innovation and creative thinking, key attributes in today’s dynamic job market.
  • Follow-Up Activities: Post-event activities, including webinars and school-based projects, ensure that the learning and inspiration from the event are sustained and integrated into the student’s academic journey.

Guidelines for Participation in CBSE Skill Expo 2023

Students showcasing their innovation in Alat Tinkering workshop

The widely distributed circular underscores the event’s importance and national outreach. It addresses key educational authorities, including:

  • The Commissioner of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
  • The Commissioner of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
  • Directors of Education across various Indian states and territories

Nomination of Participants

The students of Classes 6 to 12 may participate in the event. Each school is allowed to nominate five students and two teachers for the National Guidance Festival 2023. However, a School Team will be represented by one teacher & two students per skill selected, and one mentor. These nominees are expected to represent their schools at the event, engaging in various learning and interactive activities. Schools can exhibit a minimum of one and a maximum of three skills. The names of students and the mentor teacher cannot be changed after registration. Teams participating at Regional and National levels must remain the same.

Attendance and Certification

Nominated students and teachers must attend the full-day event from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Attendance for the entire duration is a prerequisite for receiving a certificate of participation. Participants are encouraged to visit the Skill Expo during designated breaks and allocated times. Participating schools/teams are responsible for all expenses related to their participation, including lodging and boarding at the venue city.

Pre-Event Webinars and Sessions

Webinars and short sessions will be organized before the event to ensure effective preparation. These sessions aim to provide students, parents, and teachers with vital information, preparing them for the event.

Topics for Motivational Talks and Panel Discussions

The event will feature motivational talks and panel discussions. Key topics include “Future Careers and Importance of Early Planning” and “Career Planning.”

Themes and Sub-themes for the Skill Expo

Students showcasing their robotics projects in the skill expo

A detailed table here showcases the themes and sub-themes for the Skill Expo 2023. 

Sr. No.Themes Sub-themes
1.Local to GlobalBridging the gap, Remote Working, Destination Branding
2.Future TechAI, Blockchain, Robotics
3.Health and WellnessHealth Tech, Genetics, Molecular Biology
4.Hospitality & TourismAR/VR presentation of tourist destinations, Village Branding
5.Sustainability & Environmental ConservationClimate Change, Waste Management, Sustainable Innovation
6.Climate Change, Waste Management, Sustainable InnovationMedia, Design Thinking
7.Traditional Arts & Crafts of IndiaEntrepreneurial activities for preserving and popularizing traditional arts and crafts. Economic upliftment activities focusing on regional specialties like textiles, handicrafts, pottery, sculpture, metalwork, woodwork, jewelry, paintings, masks, puppets, etc.


Image demonstrating the successful implementation of girl-child education.

The CBSE Skill Expo & National Guidance Festival (NGF) 2023 marks a significant stride in redefining education for the digital age. Focusing on skill development and career guidance, this initiative underscores the CBSE’s commitment to equipping students with practical skills and knowledge. By offering hands-on experiences, career planning sessions, and networking opportunities, the expo and festival foster innovation, creativity, and informed decision-making among students. Including diverse themes, from local culture to future technologies, highlights the holistic approach to education. The event’s structure, emphasizing participation, interaction, and continued engagement through webinars and projects, ensures a lasting impact on students and teachers, bridging the gap between academic learning and real-world application.

Aligning with this initiative, STEMpedia, the driving force behind STEM education, is on a mission to empower students (aged 7-18) with the essence of 21st-century skills like AI, AR-VR, Coding, and Robotics. STEMpedia’s offerings, from PictoBlox’s interactive coding platform to the comprehensive AI and robotics labs, provide students and educators with the tools to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. We are actively reaching out to schools, offering free demos on AI and ML, ensuring that educators are also in sync with the latest advancements and can guide their students effectively. As a result, revolutionize digital learning with learning by doing. 

For queries and feedback, please send an email to:

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