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Classroom Activities: STEM Project Ideas to Make Your Curriculum Engaging

STEM project ideas
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In one of our previous articles on how to design an effective STEM curriculum, we pointed out that learning that is hands-on tends to stick with students for long. Thus it is always advised to make your curriculum STEM-oriented and include loads of STEM classroom activities to make it effective. At the moment, it may be next to impossible for you to design a new STEM curriculum altogether. That does not mean that you cannot introduce your students to STEM! You can still do it by simply incorporating fun STEM projects ideas into the existing STEM curriculum. And this is where we come in.

Our STEM curriculum experts along with other educational institutes have meticulously prepared a modular STEM curriculum for introducing middle and high school students to the basics of electronics, programming, physical computing, and robotics through engaging hands-on STEM activities and projects. Here are some of the STEM project ideas that you can easily incorporate into your existing curriculum to make it more engaging and that can also be used as science project ideas!

Fun Classroom Activities for Middle School

Middle school is the prime time of education when students are beginning to explore new possibilities and to make their own decisions. Therefore it is the perfect time to encourage them to take STEM seriously. If it appeals to them at this point, then they are likely to choose STEM disciplines in high school and even pursue careers in STEM fields. Here are some easy yet exciting DIY STEM project ideas that students can perform in the classroom to explore the basics of STEM.

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Electronics Middle School Activities

Physical Computing Middle School Activities

Robotics Middle School Activities

Fun Classroom Activities for High School

High school is the time when the real action begins. Everybody’s super serious about their career and is doing all they can to get on the right path. And as a high school teacher, it is of utmost importance for you to ensure that there are sufficient STEM curricular activities in your curriculum so that students have the right exposure to STEM during these years. Here’s a list of interesting and easy STEM project ideas for high school students to perform in the classroom and delve deeper into STEM.

Electronics High School Activities

Physical Computing High School Activities

Robotics High School Activities

Internet of Things (IoT) High Activities


All the components used for making all the aforementioned DIY STEM projects are available in the evive Starter Kit.


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In a Nutshell

Richard Branson has rightly said that the best way to learn is by doing. That is why every curriculum must make sure that students experience what they’re learning instead of just reading about it. STEMpedia has listed down a number of STEM curricular activities that can also work as science project ideas for making your curriculum more effective and ensure that students become better learners.

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