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Learn to Code – Why is Coding Important for 21st-Century Kids

Learn to code - Why is coding important
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As the world goes through an indefinite lockdown, one thing we all can relate to is boredom. This boulder of boredom falls a bit harder on parents as they take care of not only their own but their kid/s’ boredom too. If you are one such parent, you’re about to find a leading-edge solution to your problem. Increasingly gaining popularity, it may have crossed your mind already but if it has not, here it is – CODING! Yes, this period is a wonderful opportunity to make your kids learn to code which is an immensely appreciated ability to have in the 21st century. Now, you may wonder why is coding important, or is it worth it. It absolutely is! Read on to find out all that you need to know about coding for kids and get rid of all your confusion as you learn about the benefits of learning to code.

Why Is Coding Important?

First things first: what is coding and why is everybody talking about it?

Coding has intricately blended with our everyday lives – sending texts and emojis, sharing memes and jokes on smartphones, watching videos, booking movie tickets, traveling, ordering food on a Sunday afternoon while sitting in your comfy pajamas, watching Netflix; almost everything is now possible with a few taps and swipes all by coding. Moreover, looking at the direction in which technology is advancing and how it’s transforming everything around us, it can be safely said that almost every job right now requires some form of computer literacy. And the possibility that jobs coming up in the near future might even require at least basic level coding, explains the importance of coding for kids. Let’s have a deeper look at the benefits of learning to code.

Adults Programming

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.
– Christian Lous Lange

Today’s generation is growing up in the era of ubiquitous technology, including computers and the internet. Kids these days know how to unlock cell phones, play games, and watch videos before they can even speak properly. As they grow, their proficiency in using technology further increases. But most of them don’t know what goes on at the back-end that allows them all of this with such ease. Being unaware of how a certain thing happens tends to make you its slave with use and you gradually become so dependent on it that you lose your ability to think and to function without it. If kids learn to code, they can save themselves from this trap.

This was one of the many benefits of learning to code. Another major benefit is the chance to make a secure career. According to an analysis of 26 million job postings by job market analytics firm Burning Glass, about half of the jobs paying $57,000 or more per year are in occupations that commonly require applicants to have at least some computer coding knowledge. In fact, on average, jobs requiring coding skills pay $22,000 more per year than jobs that don’t. They also rank among the top ten highest paying jobs. Besides, coding for kids becomes rewarding when it makes them a desirable pick for recruiters, as it adds versatility to their skill set.

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Till now, we’ve been looking at the benefits of learning to code from the perspective of the world. Does this mean there isn’t much for your kids’ personal growth?

Of course not! The benefits of learning to code are plenty. You teach kids to code and it brings along a boost to their creativity and cognitive skills, improves memory, adds to their brainpower, and fuels present-mindedness. Children who learn to code achieve problem-solving skills and relate to the world around them better. How? Coding essentially involves taking bigger problems and breaking them down into smaller and simpler problems. Once they get used to it, children approach problems in every other domain of their life in a similar fashion. It thus helps them deal with those seemingly daunting problems more easily and efficiently.

Moreover, learning to code can be an exciting opportunity for a family to bond and have fun together. When kids learn to code at home, parents can accompany them in this productive and fun-filled activity, and get to know them better. Another benefit of learning to code is that it is a confidence booster. Learning a new skill, something which is looked up to fosters greater confidence in children. Apart from these, coding helps with math skills and improves overall academic performance too. To further authenticate why coding is important, let’s hear it from one of the biggest players of computer technology today –

Learning to write programs stretches your minds, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.
– Bill Gates

How to Teach Kids to Code?

Children programming on the Laptop

Now you know why coding is important. The next question that arises is how does one teach kids to code? The world of coding is huge but if you enter through the right door, you won’t get lost. Scratch coding for kids is an ideal start for them. Scratch is a programming language especially designed for kids ages 8-16 but can be used by anyone who wishes to learn to code. There are multiple scratch-based online coding courses for kids that offer easy and understandable learning for beginners. But it is important to look for a course that takes your kids through step by step guidance on coding, just like the process of coding itself. Good online coding courses don’t only teach kids to code, but let them realize all the above-mentioned benefits also. However, the best thing about online coding courses for kids is that they let your tiny tots learn to code at home. And you can make the most of it in this quarantine period. Now, here’s a course that ticks all the boxes for a perfect course on coding for beginners.

Learn to Code at Home

COVID-19-Online Coding Courses for Kids
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Here ends your search for the right online coding course for kids. Introduction to Programming is STEMpedia’s newly launched programming course with Scratch coding for kids at its core. It has been designed keeping in mind the current time, to make your kid’s time at home worthwhile. You can teach kids to code from the comfort of your home with this engaging course where they’ll enjoy learning by doing, attend live tutoring sessions, keep a check on their progress with fun quizzes and assignments, all of which will provide them a better understanding of the concepts. Besides, the course also makes kids realize their responsibility towards the pandemic crisis through a COVID-19 themed challenge at the end. The course works on PictoBlox, an easy and fun programming language based on Scratch. All in all, Introduction to Programming proves to be one of the best online coding courses for kids.

Game Corona

In a Nutshell

Coding is in a true sense, the building block of the technology of today and the future. Learning how to code is fast becoming a must for the generation of today. Not only is it going to help them become better innovators and develop skills necessary in the world of STEM, but it will also enhance personal development. And what could be a better time than now to teach kids to code when there’s no academic pressure and they can easily learn to code at home? Don’t let your kids lose the enthusiasm to learn amidst the chaos of the pandemic when they can safely learn to code at home and give them a skill for a lifetime.

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