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Skillful Minds Program for CBSE ICT, AI, Coding, and Robotics Education

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In today’s world, the rapid advancement of technology has revolutionized how we live, work, and learn. Educational technology has been crucial for success in today’s digital world. Recognizing this, CBSE has made ICT education compulsory. This initiative aligns perfectly with the National Education Policy’s (NEP) vision, emphasizing developing 21st-century skills through comprehensive ICT with AI, coding, and robotics education for CBSE. It also incorporates elements of the Nipun Bharat initiative and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).

These efforts, from AI learning to robotics training, are crucial for today’s evolving job market. These areas are no longer just specialized skills; they are becoming integral to various fields, driving innovation and efficiency. Continue reading to learn how the Skillful Minds Program, with its comprehensive Information and Communication Technology (ICT), AI, Coding, and Robotics curriculum, aligns with NEP and can be a stepping stone in student’s educational and career journey.

40% of Curriculum Obsolete, NEP is the Answer – says Ashok Ganguly, Ex-CBSE Chairman

During his session at the Gomti Book Fair in Lucknow, Ashok Ganguly, former Chairperson of CBSE, emphasized a significant shift in educational methods. Moving away from the traditional “chalk and talk” approach and memorization-based learning, he stressed the need for a more dynamic educational system. 

This shift is critical in the Fourth Industrial Revolution context, which presents challenges and opportunities. Ganguly advocated for integrating employability skills into the CBSE curriculum of class 3 to 12. The focus is on emotional, creative, technological, social, and spiritual intelligence.

These modern-age skills are essential for developing students into “intrapreneurs,” individuals capable of innovative and societal contributions.

He also criticized the current curriculum, noting that approximately 40% of what is taught to students in classes 8 to 12 is obsolete, lacking focus on key areas like nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). 

Mr. Ganguly highlighted the main pillars of NEP 2020: curriculum design (what content we are teaching to children) and curriculum transaction (how we are teaching), underscoring the need for reevaluation to meet contemporary educational standards and prepare students effectively for future endeavors.

Skillful Minds Program is Aligned with the CBSE Innovation Hub Initiative for Students

Students practicing block coding and Robotics from Skillful Minds book

The “Skillful Minds Program” by STEMpedia, authored by experts from IIT, is designed for students in classes 1 to 8. This program follows the NEP 2020 guidelines and offers a full ICT syllabus for CBSE schools.

The unique education program integrates AI Learning, Robotics Training, and Coding Classes into the ICT curriculum. The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) focused program will upgrade the existing computer labs and alleviate students’ learning experience. 

Students will learn tech skills like Block/Graphical coding and Python programming using PictoBlox. The program also includes “AI for Education,” making it perfect for students who want to be tech-savvy and learn future ICT skills. Some key attributes of the program include:

  • Activity-Based Learning

     This approach involves hands-on activities and theme-based learning. Thereby transforming the educational process into an engaging and intellectually stimulating experience.

  • Quarky DIY AI and Robotics Kit

     Through interactive sessions with Quarky, the program enhances student engagement and sustains a high interest in STEM subjects. It is a reconfigurable robot that gives kids the power to understand industry-standard concepts by building their own bots and projects. Students can create exciting real-world application-based DIY projects (like self-driven cars and delivery bots.)
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  • PictoBlox AI and Coding Software

     Students learn the fundamentals of block-based coding and python programming with PictoBlox. It introduces students to the principles of immersive technologies, like AI, coding, ML, robotics, and XR/VR.PictoBlox CTA banner

  • Interactive Sessions 

    Skillful Minds fosters interactive sessions by integrating engaging activities, collaborative exercises, and thought-provoking discussions. As a result, cultivating a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to participate, share ideas, and actively enhance their understanding.

  • Activity: QR Code Book Scanner

    The Activity Session comes with QR codes providing a unique learning experience, allowing students to decode concepts in manageable chunks. Scanning QR codes enhances understanding, breaking complex ideas into digestible segments.

  • Capstone Project

     This project is a culmination of the learning journey. It allows students to apply their skills in computer science, coding, AI, and robotics in a practical and innovative context.

  • Annual AI, Coding, and Robotics Competition for School Students

    The learn-by-doing approach of the Skillful Minds program can help students participate, compete, and win in Codeavour 5.0 International. Students will need to brainstorm ideas and solve real-world problems. The international fest (Codeavour), aligned with the themes of UNSDGs, is the world’s biggest AI, Robotics, and Coding competition for students. STEMpedia hosts it annually. Register Now!Codeavour CTA banner

The Skillful Minds Program strategically prepares students for success in booming tech industries. By investing a deep understanding of ICT, AI, coding, and robotics, the program equips them with marketable skills and fosters innovative thinking. This can lead to significant societal contributions as students are trained to become pioneers who can leverage technology for creative solutions and advancements.

Teacher Training Program on ICT, AI, Coding, and Robotics for CBSE

Teaching Strategies in Skillful Minds Program

The “Teacher Training Program” is a comprehensive 3-5-day training. It is designed to empower CBSE school teachers (classes 1 to 10) with the necessary skills and knowledge to integrate ICT with coding, AI, and Robotics education into their curriculum. Some key components of the program for teachers are as follows, 

  • Familiarize teachers with the course structure: Skillful Minds Program will provide comprehensive guidance on the new ICT curriculum structure. The curriculum will introduce teachers to its various components and sequencing. This approach ensures their preparedness for effective course navigation and delivery.
  • Clarify teachers’ roles and responsibilities for the year-long curriculum: The program will clearly define the roles and responsibilities of teachers for the year-long curriculum. Throughout the year, teachers will benefit from continuous support provided by STEMpedia. The support includes weekly refresher and doubt-clearing sessions conducted virtually. This ensures teachers stay updated and have a platform to resolve any queries or challenges they might face.
  • Boost teachers’ confidence in discussing the course content: The training will enhance teachers’ confidence in discussing and teaching ICT, AI, Coding, and Robotics. This is vital for creating an engaging and knowledgeable classroom environment where students feel encouraged to explore these technologies.
  • Equip teachers to conduct sessions with students: Teachers will receive extensive teaching resources, including detailed session plans, lecture slides, and multimedia content. These resources are designed to reduce the burden of content creation on teachers. As a result, they can focus on practical teaching techniques, classroom management skills, and making sessions more interactive and impactful.
  • Highlight the integration of NEP features in the curriculum: The program will highlight how the NEP features NCF framework are integrated into the curriculum. This ensures the curriculum aligns with national educational standards and goals, making it relevant and forward-thinking.

Transformative Benefits of the Skillful Minds Program For CBSE Curriculum

Benefits of Skillful Minds Program in CBSE Curriculum

Apart from being the most versatile learning resource, the program fosters a learning environment that:

  • Enhances problem-solving skills, crucial for understanding emerging technologies like ICT, AI, Coding, and Robotics.
  • Encourages creativity and innovation, leading to innovative solutions and automation concepts in practical scenarios.
  • Builds confidence and tenacity through hands-on experiences in coding and robotics. Thereby, evolving the ed-tech landscape, including AI learning and ICT education.
  • Strengthens 21st-century skills (including digital literacy), fostering analytical and innovative capabilities.
  • Promotes global collaboration through Codeavour, the biggest Innovation and Entrepreneurship fest.

In a Nutshell

Skillful Minds Program for CBSE students

The Skillful Minds Program offers a comprehensive and progressive approach to ICT education. It aligns with the NEP 2020 guidelines and NCF 2023 framework, which is crucial for CBSE schools. It highlights the urgent need to shift from traditional learning methods to more dynamic, skill-based education.

The program, expertly authored by IIT professionals, integrates CBSE AI, coding, and robotics education into the existing ICT curriculum. It fosters a hands-on learning environment through interactive tools like PictoBlox, Quarky, and activity-based learning. Its benefits extend beyond mere curriculum enhancement, nurturing problem-solving skills, creativity, and global competitiveness among students.

The teacher training component ensures educators are well-equipped to deliver this innovative content, aligning with NEP’s vision and preparing students for future technological challenges and opportunities.

The Skillful Minds Program is not just an educational tool. It’s a transformative journey, empowering the next generation with 21st-century skills. This program drives innovative thinking and societal contributions.

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