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STEMpedia in 30 Under 30: Bringing About a Revolution in STEM

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Agilo Research, an ed-Tech startup better known by its brand name STEMpedia, was born with the aim of making STEM education accessible to all students across the globe and enabling them to become the innovators of tomorrow by imparting quality hands-on learning and providing them with world-class hardware and learning resources. Since its inception, STEMpedia has changed the learning-by-doing landscape for over 5000 young minds in more than 50 schools in India and for thousands of customers over 40 countries and it continues to actively provide its services to students of schools and colleges, educators, tinkering labs, maker spaces, and other such institutions.

Owing to its futuristic vision and determination to turn it into reality, STEMpedia has been featured in the press by a myriad of renowned platforms and has been lauded by people at home and abroad. One such renowned platform is Higher Education Plus, an education forum, both online and offline, that helps students ‘take informed decisions about the education and career path ahead’ by providing them with useful information apropos of the same. STEMpedia’s Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Abhishek Sharma had the honor of being interviewed by Higher Education Plus who have dedicated the March issue of their monthly magazine to commend 30 men and women, all under 30 years of age, who have dared to listen to their calling and set up startups to realize their dreams of transforming India.

In the interview, Mr. Sharma opened up about how and where he started this venture with two of his college mates, what makes STEMpedia different from others who work in the same market, and where does he see STEMpedia in the future among other insights into the journey of STEMpedia.

Talking about its origin, Mr. Sharma told that what started as an all-in-one electronic prototyping device for hobbyists called evive turned into a startup focusing on a much wider and younger audience whose main aim is developing a wholesome solution for learning electronics, programming, and robotics which came to be known as STEMpedia. STEMpedia was released in August 2018 and launched globally on Indiegogo in February 2019.

Mr. Sharma also emphasized that STEMpedia’s vision of ‘solving every problem a young innovator would face while learning-by-doing’ by proving her/him with quality hands-on learning and world-class hardware and learning resources all in one place is what makes STEMpedia different from the rest of its competitors. He stressed upon the fact that

‘STEMpedia believes in learning for everyone and hence has kept a lot of its things open-source.’

He also revealed that STEMpedia is ‘currently focussing on bringing about a DIYing revolution at school level in India by helping more and more schools establish STEM/tinkering laboratories.’ The global launch focuses on going B2C in global learning kit and STEM education market and it plans to establish in 5 nations by the end of 2019 with interests from institutions and organizations in the US, Australia, and Africa.

Click here to read Mr. Sharma’s interview with Higher Education Plus.

STEMpedia, Agilo Research’s latest initiative, is a one-stop solution for everything STEM and is the key to transforming young minds of today into innovators of tomorrow by inculcating experiential learning in STEM and helping them develop creativity, curiosity, innovativeness, and problem-solving skills – the must-have 21-century skills – through:

Futuristic Hardware

Edutaining DIY Kits

Graphical Programming Software

Project-Making Mobile Application

Free Learning Resource

Premium Online Courses

A Global STEM Community

STEMpedia has been globally launched on Indiegogo where it offers an all-encompassing Do-It-Yourself learning experience for tech enthusiasts of all age groups. The center of attraction is the STEMpedia Starter Package, an all-in-one package consisting of everything one needs to kickstart their journey into the world of STEM and develop the must-have 21st-century skills. To have a look, visit HERE.

(The feature image has been taken from Brainfeed magazine)

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Enlighten • Empower • Excel

STEMpedia blends theory with experiential learning which helps develop the must-have 21st century skills. It is the key to transform the youth of today into innovators of tomorrow.

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